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Fundamentals of Lithium Ion Battery Technology

August 21, 2013
Glasgow Hall 102

Mr. Frank Puglia

Director of Research and Development
Yardney Technical Products, Incorporated


Yardney Technical Products (YTP) is a company with 69 years of experience providing battery solutions for high profile programs in the commercial and government markets. This includes the company’s Lithion division which has provided Li-ion batteries for aerospace and military programs since 1997 including the first batteries integrated into military aircraft (B2-Stealth Bomber) and the first batteries sent to Mars. As such, we are well suited to discuss the various battery chemistries, programs, successes and failures that have occurred throughout the battery industry in recent years. The discussion outline is as follows:

  • General Yardney Background
  • Review of Current and Next Generation Chemistries
  • Cycling and temperature performance of various chemistries
  • Next Generation Systems (Li-Air, Silicon Anodes, etc)
  • Battery Management Systems and Sensor Technology
  • Review of Battery Safety
  • Types of Failures
  • Failure Modes, Cell Design Safety, Battery Design Safety
  • Present Safety Testing Requirements (e.g. 9310)
  • Failures
  • Discussion of Battery Programs in General


Mr. Puglia has a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering with his thesis research on Low Cost Materials for Fuel Cells and Batteries. Â Before joining Yardney, he worked at Energizer Battery Company, Westlake, OH, Aurora, OH & Asheboro, NC as a Quality/Process/Design Engineer being responsible for AAA size cell production of 1.5 million cells per day. During this time he also implemented semi-automated SPC systems onto high speed manufacturing lines. His current responsibilities as Director of Research and Development include overseeing the company’s development of new materials and products. He is the Lead Investigator for high energy and power improvements for the company’s military programs, providing supervision and direction to 20 Engineers and Research Scientists. Specific areas of concentration include cell and battery physical design and thermal design and modeling for batteries in failure modes.

Mr. Puglia has a long history of developing both battery designs (Mars Rovers (MER)-First Li-Ion on Mars, Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) Otologics-First Human Implantable Li-Ion, Large Underwater Li-Ion batteries) and processes (Qualified YTP’s baseline coating and ultrasonic welding processes).  
Under his supervision, the following projects are in development or have been successfully accomplished:

  • Lead Engineer and Program Manager for NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) batteries
  • Lead Engineer and Program Manager NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover (MER) Program
  • Designed and Built the first Human Implantable Medical Cells
  • Program Manager for the ASDS battery program
  • Designed and delivered three different human implantable Li-Ion cell designs
  • Implemented lean manufacturing methods to reduce labor by 65%
  • Lead Engineer and Program Manager United States Air Force Li-Ion Research Program (PRDA) that led to batteries for the B2 Stealth Bomber and Global Hawk
  • Research & Development of new materials and battery designs military applications including Mars Lander, B2 Bomber, Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)
  • Lead Engineer and Program Manager for various high power and directed energy weapon (DEW) programs


Dr. Daniel A. Nussbaum
Naval Postgraduate School 
Principal, Energy Academic Group
Monterey CA 93943
Phone: 831-656-2387
Mobile: 831-324-3228

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