The Energy Academic Group offers graduate energy-focused education programs that create a cadre of military officers and government professionals who are knowledgeable in energy science, technology, policy, management and analysis.

The Naval Postgraduate School’s (NPS) energy academic programs explore and research means of enhancing national security by increasing our operational capabilities with the energy we use; expansion of energy supply options; consideration of energy consumption; and the associated costs and logistics challenges in all decisions about strategic planning, structuring, equipping and posturing the force.


Energy-focused Graduate Degree Programs

Three energy track graduate degrees are offered at NPS and are embedded within three existing degree programs. This means the graduate will earn a master’s degree in the traditional area of study, with a concentration in energy. These degrees are intended for students who have an interest in the role of energy in military operations. The three degree programs are:


Defense Energy Certificate Programs (Residence and Distance Learning)

Defense Energy Certificate Programs are focused on educating officers and working military and civilian employees of Department of Defense (DoD) in the basics of Energy technology (General), Energy Science & Technology (S&T) and Energy Policy & Analysis (P&A). These programs are offered at NPS to resident and non-resident students and to uniformed and civilian DoD members who do not have an opportunity to enroll in an NPS degree program. Students can also work toward certificates via distance learning (DL).


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Three Energy-focused Graduate Degree Programs

NPS offers three energy track graduate master’s degrees intended for students who have an interest in the role of energy in military operations. Learn more


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Defense Energy Certificate Programs

Defense Energy Certificates are offered at NPS for resident, non-resident, and distance learning (DL) students seeking an energy-focused graduate education and/or a better understanding of the complex issues facing the Operational and Installation Energy segments of the DoD. Learn more


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