Energy, Climate and Environmental Security

Energy, Climate and Environmental Security

Senior officials at DOD have publicly raised concerns about, and recommended actions to address, the security implications of climate change, both due to its effect on military infrastructure, readiness and operations, and its broader geostrategic implications for the US. In addition, changes in the Arctic will affect Naval operations and US security from increased commercial activity (trade and resource extraction) to increased activities of Arctic and non-Arctic nations who wish to exert influence. 

Understanding the intersection of energy, climate and environmental security can help the Navy to understand the broader effects on military readiness, operations and strategy. EAG is building capacity in these areas including 

  • Law and policy related to climate and national security
  • Governance and policy related to the changing Arctic; 
  • Adaptation needs of U.S. and other nation’s military installations;
  • Understanding the impacts of energy and environmental security in a changing climate. 


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