Energy Highlighted at STAR-TIDES Technology Demo

Energy Highlighted at STAR-TIDES Technology Demo

By Kristen Fletcher, Faculty Associate-Research, Energy Academic Group

The EAG headlined a panel for the STAR-TIDES Technology Demo held virtually on 20–21 October 2020. This year’s theme was Converging Approaches to Sustainable Resilience: STAR-TIDES’ 14th Annual Capability Demonstration. STAR-TIDES (Sharing To Accelerate Research – Transformative Innovation for Development and Emergency Support) is a global knowledge-sharing network which is part of George Mason University's Center for Resilient and Sustainable Communities. The STAR-TIDES network focuses on building sustainable resilience, promoting human security, and creating life-changing social and economic activities. It includes four defense-related mission areas: Building Partner Capacity, Humanitarian Assistance and Foreign Disaster Relief, Defense Support of Civil Authorities, and Stability and Peace Keeping Operations.

Due to health and safety protocols, this year’s Technology demonstration was virtual. The EAG panel focused on Energy Security and the Navy, featuring energy capabilities at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) and within the Navy. Panelists and topics included the following:

  • Dan Nussbaum, Chair, NPS/EAG NPS Capabilities in Energy Research and Outreach
  • Bill Anderson, NAVFAC EXWC Microgrids in Isolated Places
  • Brandon Naylor, NPS/EAG
  • COTS Containerized Microgrids
  • Dan Eisenberg, NPS/OR Department
  • Vulnerability and Resilience of Energy Infrastructure on Islands and Installations
  • Brenda Shaffer, NPS/EAG
  • International Energy Security in the Age of COVID
  • Kevin Maher, NPS/EAG
  • Energy Certificate Program at NPS

The panel presentations are available on video at

Read about STAR-TIDES and George Mason’s Center for Resilient and Sustainable Communities at

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