Financial Management (Energy Focus)

Financial Management (Energy Focus)


The objective of the Financial Management – Energy Specialty Curriculum is to prepare officers for business, financial, and analysis positions within the DoN and DoD and also to provide an advanced education in energy-related problem solving. Financial Managers assist the DoN's decision-making processes at all levels by providing accurate, timely and relevant information and analysis. They are concerned with the optimal allocation of human, physical, financial, and energy resources to achieve the DoN's goals and objectives while assuring efficient and effective expenditure of public funds. Graduates of the Financial Management – Energy Specialty curriculum will be prepared for assignment to positions in strategic planning, business analysis, financial analysis, budgeting, accounting, business and financial management, and internal control systems and auditing.

Graduate courses cover topics such as energy economics, energy strategy and policy, financial reporting standards, cost standards, cost analysis, budgeting and financial management, internal control, auditing, management planning and control systems, strategic resource management, quantitative techniques used in planning and control, system acquisition and program management, and the Planning Programming, Budgeting Execution System (PPBES) used within the Department of Defense.

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