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Speaker photoSolar Storage Systems and the Internet of Energy for Bases and Forward Operations

January 11, 2019
DRMI Auditorium

Dr. Ryan Wartena

Co-Founder, Growing Energy Labs, Inc.


Energy storage is now a proven solution with positive financial outcomes and often improves the economics of solar projects alone.  Geli has developed an Internet of Energy platform to help energy developers and operators accurately design, control, and manage networked energy systems, sites, and fleets of energy systems. This presentation will introduce Geli’s work in solar storage projects and Microgrids for U.S. Military Bases, industrial sites, and campuses and Black Rock Labs work in deploying solar storage energy systems for forward operations to support desert camps and art projects at the annual Burning Man festival.    


As Founder, President, & Director of Product of Geli, Dr. Ryan Wartena brings over 10 years of experience in computational and battery R&D and over 10 years experience in energy storage business and control platform technologies. Prior experience includes computational software development, UL/ETL storage product validation, organizing battery pack manufacturing in US and Japan, developing solid-state Li-ion microbatteries, and integrating energy storage systems into grid networks. He is the author of patents in energy storage and energy computing technologies. Ryan holds degrees in Chemical Engineering from UC San Diego, Ph.D. from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Post Doc research at Naval Research Laboratory in Washington DC and MIT as a fellow of the Director of Central Intelligence Program. Ryan loves long-lived energy networks and his goal in life is to see the world operate on a renewably energized Internet of Energy.



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