Naval/Mechanical Engineering (Energy Focus)

Naval/Mechanical Engineering (Energy Focus)


The objective of this program is to provide graduate education, primarily in the field of Naval/Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Energy, including production, storage, and use. This program is designed to produce graduates with the technical competence to operate and maintain modern warships and naval systems. It establishes a broad background of basic engineering knowledge leading to advanced studies in heat transfer, fluid mechanics, control systems, solid mechanics and vibrations, material science, energy production, storage and usage. The graduate will be able to participate in technical aspects of naval systems acquisition for technological advances in naval ships and systems, particularly as they apply to energy. Through emphasis on the design aspect within the program, the graduate will be well prepared to apply these advances in technology to the warships of the future. An original research project focusing on either Energy, Power and Propulsion Systems or Energy Materials resulting in a satisfactory thesis is an integral part of the curriculum.

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