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The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Energy Academic Group (EAG): Objectives, Status, and Current Thesis and Research Opportunities

October 30, 2015
ME Lecture Hall

Dr. Daniel Nussbaum

Director, Energy Academic Group, Naval Postgraduate School



The NPS EAG was mandated by SECNAV to develop and maintain NPS as a Navy Center of Excellence for Energy Graduate Education and Research. EAG also actively explores educational and research partnerships across the full spectrum of Department of Defense (DOD) related organizations, Department of Energy (DOE), as well as other universities, industry, and non-profit sectors. The talk will address:

  • The status of the three pillars that drive NPS EAG actions--Curriculum, Research, and Outreach
  • Current thesis and research opportunities, including the funding to support student travel and faculty time


Dr. Nussbaum is the Chair of the Energy Academic Group and a faculty member in both the Operations Research Department and the Business School at Naval Postgraduate School (NPS). Dr. Nussbaum provides several critical functions.  He teaches courses in Cost Estimating and Analysis, mentors students throughout their graduate coursework (including their master's theses), provides Cost Estimating and Business Case Analyses for DoD organizations such as Department of Navy, Department of Air Force, Department of Army, and the Office of Secretary of Defense.  He designs, develops, and delivers distance learning courses in Cost Estimating and Analysis, especially the world's only all-distance learning Masters in Cost Estimating and Analysis.  He provides leadership to SECNAV Executive Energy Education program.

His career in government service has spanned over 46 years. He was the Director, Naval Center for Cost Analysis, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Navy (Financial Management and Comptroller), where he directed all Navy Independent Cost Estimates as required by Congress and senior Defense leadership for ships, aircraft, missiles, electronics, and automated information systems.  He directed special, high visibility, cost and economic analyses for Secretary of Navy, Chief of Naval Operations and Commandant of Marine Corps. Prior to this he served as a Division Head, Naval Center for Cost Analysis; Deputy Director and Acting Director, Operations Research and Cost Analysis Divisions, Naval Air Systems Command; Director, Economic Analysis and Operations Research, Headquarters, US Army, Europe; and Mathematician/Operations Research Analyst, U.S. Army Concepts Analysis Agency.  He also worked for Booz Allen Hamilton as a Principal responsible for a broad range of cost, financial and economic analyses, with clients across the government and commercial spectrum, while developingnew business opportunities for 500+ member team.  He began his career as a faculty member (and eventually the Chairman) of the Mathematics and Statistics Department at Saginaw Valley State University.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics and Economics, Columbia University, and a PHD in Mathematics from Michigan State University. He was also a Fellow, National Science Foundation, Econometrics and Operations Research, Washington State University.


Dr. Daniel A. Nussbaum
Naval Postgraduate School 
Principal, Energy Academic Group
Monterey CA 93943
Phone: 831-656-2387
Mobile: 831-324-3228

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