Energy research at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) is highly diverse, reflecting the various interests of our highly capable faculty and students. A wide range of subject areas are covered by NPS energy research, including basic sciences, engineering, operations and analysis, and business. There is also an increasing amount of work that is cross-disciplinary and integrates the EAG with project, programs, and partners from multiple areas across NPS and the Navy, Marine Corps, and Department of Defense (DoD).

EAG research programs: 

Center on Combating Hybrid Threats

CCHT coordinates and conducts interdisciplinary research, education programs, and outreach in order to enhance the Naval Postgraduate School students and partners with the strategic, operational, and technological means necessary to detect, deny, disrupt, degrade, defeat and ultimately deter hybrid threats. Learn more

Energy, Climate & Environmental Security

EAG supports Navy-focused issues in energy, climate and environmental security through research and outreach. Learn more

NPS Battery Workforce Development

NPS Battery Workforce Development trains and educates people to discover, mine, refine, deploy, and recycle strategic minerals; and teaches students about advanced battery technologies. Learn more

EAG Intern Research

A collection of student-created research reports from EAG's internship program. Learn more

EAG research partners:    

Center for Infrastructure Defense

CID develops, reviews, and promotes science of the highest quality in the service of defending critical infrastructure systems affecting our homeland at the national, state, and local levels. Learn more

Climate & Security Network

The NPS Climate & Security Network supports the climate and security research and curricular needs of the Navy and DOD. Learn more

Cyber Academic Group

CAG is a interdisciplinary group focused on the study and design of secure and resilient cyber systems and the conduct of cyber operations. Learn more

Energy Innovation

Resources links and videos from the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory and other organizations associated with Operational Energy Capability Improvement Fund (OECIF) projects. Learn more


The Energy System Technology Evaluation Program demonstrates emerging energy technologies and paves the way for future adoption of these technologies across naval installations. Learn more

Naval Research Program

The NRP supports research projects for the Navy and Marine Corps and is comprised of individual research teams, where projects are conducted, NPS expertise is developed, and then maintained, on behalf of the Navy and Marine Corps. Learn more


ONR 33’s Naval Enterprise Partnership Teaming with Universities for National Excellence program helps the Navy and Marine Corps discover ways to improve energy conservation, generate renewable energy, and implement energy-efficient technologies—while giving active-duty military, military students and veterans the chance to immerse themselves in university-level research. Learn more

Office of Naval Research

ONR coordinates, executes, and promotes the science and technology programs of the United States Navy and Marine Corps. Learn more


The Marine Corps’ Expeditionary Energy Office analyzes, develops, and directs the Marine Corps’ Energy Strategy in order to optimize expeditionary capabilities across all warfighting functions. Learn more