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Serious Play Conference Presentation: "The Do's and Don't of Facilitating Games Effectively"

Date: June 23, 2020 to June 25, 2020
Location: Online

The Serious Play Conference is a leadership conference for professionals who are exploring the use of game-based learning, sharing their experience and working together to shape the future of training and education. 

Members of the Global ECCO team from the Naval Postgraduate School located in Monterey, CA spoke at the event on June 23, 3030 and delved into the lessons they learned over the years in facilitating serious games they developed. The majority of the serious games focus on counter terrorism and strategic thinking about combatting terrorism.  Some of the games include: Balance of Terror, Dark Networks, Coin of the Realm, and Cyber Strike, as well as a game about energy efficiency and a current game being developed on Women, Peace and Security.  Facilitating serious games is not simply watching students play games, it is more multi-faceted and dynamic than it may appear.  From the initial brief to understanding the technology and overcoming operator error and technical issues to the debrief, facilitating serious games requires not only a mastery of games but also technical skills, teaching skills, time, coordination, and patience.  This presentation describes the experience of, and best practices gleaned from, over 100 strategic gaming facilitations at various institutions and schoolhouses.