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Strategic Gaming Facilitation: Dark Networks — JSOU

Date: February 15, 2022
Location: Florida, CA

The SOCbT course is an introduction to the regional defense CTIWFP and presents a comprehensive perspective on how governments can combat terrorist threats. Based upon a mix of traditional and new principles of special operations and irregular warfare, the Special Operations Combating Terrorism Course is designed to build both country and regional combating terrorism strategic capabilities. In MET format, this course may be tailored as either a three-day executive discussion on a narrow set of topics, a one-week custom theme seminar, or two-week seminar. Past themes for mobile seminars have included the nexus of crime and terrorism, developing high-value targets, countering threat finance, and counter-piracy Course Objectives: The objective of this course is enhance capabilities of participating countries by presenting subjects that will enhance their comprehension of the elements of a population which leads individuals to engage in violent extremism, understand the ‘whole of society’ approach towards countering violent extremism and identify response options to counter violent extremism.