Laboratories Intro


The ECE Department has fifteen laboratories that support its program of instruction and research. A description of each lab’s activities is given below. Laboratories can generally be classified as foundation labs or specialty labs with the latter most directly supporting the research thrust areas tied to Sea Power 21.

  • Circuits, Signals and Digital Systems Lab
  • Optical Electronics Lab
  • Computer Communications and Networking Lab
  • Power Systems Lab
  • Controls and Robotics Lab
  • Radar and Electronic Warfare Systems Lab
  • Communications Research Lab
  • Secure Computing Lab
  • Digital Signal Processing Lab
  • Signal Enhancement Lab
  • Electromagnetics Lab
  • Academic Computing Lab
  • Flash X-ray Lab
  • Calibration and Repair Lab
  • Nano-electronics Lab
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Other facilities

Other support facilities within the department include:

  • Academic Computing Laboratory
  • The Calibration and Instrument Repair Laboratory.