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The ECE Department at NPS

Preparing students to face uncertainties and challenges in a rapidly changing technical world

DoD-Relevant, Technical Graduate Education for Tomorrow's Leaders and Innovators

  • Building strong engineering foundation to handle real-life scenarios
  • Fostering abilities to learn, analyze, and solve technical challenges
  • Exposing students to cutting-edge tools and technologies needed to handle technical defense-relevant problems
NPS students in ECE laboratory
NPS Students, ECE Laboratory

Defense Focused Specializations

  • Electronic Warfare
  • Cyber Engineering (Offensive/Defensive)
  • Electric Ship Power Systems and Renewable Energy
  • Computer & Network Engineering
  • Communications and Signal Intelligence
  • SCADA and Power Systems Control
  • Telecommunications, Cellular Networks
  • Data Science
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A Catalyst for Personal and Professional Transformation into the World of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Educational Opportunities

  • Graduate degrees, certificates, and short courses designed for workforce development and retention
  • Resident and distance learning programs customized to meet sponsor requirements
  • Low student to instructor ratio
  • Transitional engineering courses available for non EE undergraduates


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Students walking next to Root Hall
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Diverse, Professional, and Dedicated Student Body

Our students include commissioned officers of the Naval Service, other U.S. and allied Armed Forces, Civilian employees of the Defense Department and International Defense establishments.

Research/Education Sponsors Include

  • Basic Research Agencies (ONR, AFOSR, ARO, DARPA, NSF, NRL)
  • Intelligence Agencies
  • US Navy Systems Commands
  • US Navy Warfare Centers
  • US Air Force Commands
  • US Army
  • Industry
ABET Engineering Accreditation Commission


Our MSEE degree program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET

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635 Master's degrees
24 Ph.D. degrees
985 Certificates

100% of MSEE graduates complete a major design project before graduation

Degrees by Student Type

 503 Navy
 159 Marine Corps
 17 Army
 12 Air Force
 6 Coast Guard
 744 Civilian
 203 International

Global Reach

Map showing geographical placement of students by country
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ECE Graduate Voices

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“My NPS education provided me the insight and technical credibility for a successful Naval career, both in uniform as an Engineering Duty Officer and as a civilian employee.”

Robert (Bob) Parker
CAPT (Ret), USN Engineering Duty Officer, Technical Director (SSTM), PEO C4I and Space Systems, ECE Graduate

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