Master in Engineering

The Master of Engineering (Major in Electrical Engineering) Degree Program - MEng(EE)

Purpose: The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Naval Postgraduate School offers a program leading to the degree MEng(EE), Master of Engineering with a major in Electrical Engineering. The MEng (EE) degree is a coursework based degree. Its goal is to provide the academic background and education to prepare students who are practicing engineers to analyze and to specify characteristics of electronic systems and to design component parts of such systems.

Eligibility: Programs leading to the MEng(EE) degree are intended primarily for students with a recent BSEE degree. However, students with an undergraduate degree in a related field of science or engineering who by virtue of their education and on-the-job experience are able to successfully undertake a program in a particular area of specialization could also enroll. A candidate for the MEng(EE) degree must

  1. be enrolled in a non-resident, distance learning program,
  2. have a BSEE degree or a baccalaureate degree in another field of science or engineering,
  3. meet the graduate study qualification criteria of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, as shown below:

Differential and integral calculus, one year of calculus-based college physics, a 323 Academic Profile Code (APC)

[The APC is a three-digit code, which summarizes pertinent portions of a student's prior college performance. The APC is described here ].

Applications: Prospective students should contact the NPS Director of Admissions,, for further information on the application process.

Degree Requirements: In order to fulfill the requirements of the degree, a student must

a. complete a minimum of 32 quarter credit hours of graduate level work including

  1. a minimum of 5 graduate level ECE courses. Additional courses may be taken in other approved engineering disciplines.
  2. a minimum of 10 quarter credit hours corresponding to a minimum of 3 graded, advanced level graduate ECE courses (i.e., graded, 4000 level ECE courses), out of the 5 minimum required ECE courses specified in item 1.

b. have a minimum GQPR of 3.00 upon graduation.

The MEng(EE) Program checklist must be completed as part of the degree nomination process.

Degree Nomination and Award: A student begins the nomination process by presenting a completed MEng(EE) checklist to the Academic Associate. The Academic Associate (or the ECE program liaison) will check that the degree requirements have been satisfied and will sign the checklist. The Program officer then signs the collects the checklists. The accumulated checklists are forwarded to the Department Chairman with a copy of a memo nominating students for degrees. The Chairman approves the checklists and recommends award of the degree. The MEng(EE) degree is granted by vote of the Academic Council and is awarded by the NPS President. The award of each student's degree is noted on the student's official NPS transcript which is kept by the Registrar.