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RESIDENT STUDENTS ONLY: Procedures to set-up, change, or sign off program matrix/checklists/Python matrix, get enrolled in certificates, get your thesis proposal approved, turn in your final paperwork for nomination to graduation.

Thesis Block

Thesis Information

MSEE & MSES Thesis Proposal Form (.pdf, .doc)

Electrical Engineer Thesis Proposal Form (.pdf, .doc)

Thesis Extension Form

Thesis Preparation Tips

Spelling Guide

Guidelines on Software Copying

Information about plagiarism and cheating

Certificate Information

Graduate Academic Certificate Information

List and descriptions, ECE Certificates List

Enrollment Process: 

a) For NPS Students already enrolled in degree programs only: All ECE certificate applications may be made during your last 2 quarters only, PROVIDED courses are already in your approved matrix. 
Certificate applications must be made online via power flow automate by going to Office of the Registrar - Naval Postgraduate School 

b) For new DL Applicants only: Individuals must apply to NPS online at




Manual Information

Useful Handbooks

Academic Council Policy Manual 

DL Student Handbook (Covers Academics, Technology, Getting started information)

Useful Forms

MSEE Useful Forms

Undergraduate Education Evaluation Form 

(pdf)       (word doc) 

MSEE Degree Checklist

(pdf)      (word doc)

MSEE Thesis Approval Form

(pdf)       (word doc)

MSEE Degree Checklist (591 Space Engineering Focus)

(pdf)       (word doc)

    ECE dept Certificate list


MEng (EE) Useful Forms

MEng (EE) Degree Checklist

(pdf)    (word doc)

MSES Forms

MSES (EE) Useful Forms

MSES Checklist

(pdf)     (word doc)

MSES - Special BRES Graduates Checklist

(pdf)       (word doc)

MSES Thesis Approval Form (-->Use MSEE Thesis Approval Form)


Engineer Documents

Engineer Program Important Documents

Electrical Engineer's Program Enrollment Application Form

(pdf)     (word)

Engineer's Thesis Approval Form

(pdf)     (word)

Engineer's Degree Checklist

(pdf)    (word)

Doctoral Programs Documents

Doctoral Programs  Important Documents

Screening Exam Notes and Guidelines

Requirements for ECE Dissertation Committees

Screening Exam Topics:

Ph.D Minor Checklists

.doc      .pdf