TSSE Information

Total Ship Systems Engineering (TSSE) Program

**NOTE: Update to the program dated 06/15/06 - certificate may be obtained with 6 courses. TS3002 & TS4000 have been removed from the list of requirements ***

Purpose:The TSSE program provides a broad-based, systems engineering and design oriented curriculum that focuses on the warship as a total engineering system including hull, mechanical, electrical (HM&E), and combat systems.

Eligibility: Students in the following curriculum/degree areas are eligible for the program: Naval Engineering (570)/Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Systems Engineering (590)/Electrical Engineering, Combat Systems (533)/Mechanical or Electrical Engineering or Physics.

Program Requirements: In addition to other degree and curriculum requirements, the TSSE students take the following 6 core courses:

  1. TS 3000 Shipboard Electrical Power Systems (F)

  2. 1,3TS 3001 Fundamental Principles of Naval Architecture (W, Su)

  3. 1,3TS 3003 Naval Combat Systems Elements (W)

  4. TS 4001 Design of Naval Engineering Systems (Sp)

  5. TS 4002 Ship Systems Integration* (Su)

  6. TS 4003 Total Ship Systems Engineering* (F)

1Must be taken during the same quarter. 
3Must be taken as an integrated sequence.
*Capstone Design Project


  • Students obtaining the MSEE do not need to take TS 3000 if they take EC 3150 as part of their degree program or if they complete the Power Systems option.

  • Students must insure proper prerequisites to TSXXXX courses are taken prior to graduate level TSSE courses. Checkwith the TSSE coordinator for up to date information.

TSSE Program Director: For further information contact Prof. Jake Didoszak, MEA Department