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JIFX Mission Statement


The JIFX team leads experimentation in alternative methods to enable rapid technological development by cultivating a community of interest and hosting broadly scoped quarterly collaborative field events which enable DoD, US government, and allied stakeholders to identify, influence, and accelerate early-stage technology development that address national and collective security challenges.

JIFX Objectives


Create a multi-institutional, semi-structured learning community to:

  • Inform technologists about emerging national security challenges.
  • Build trust and mutual understanding between diverse communities of experimenters.
  • Foster innovation and collaboration across government, industry and academia.
  • Facilitate government exploration of emerging technologies.
  • Provide a robust easy access venue to support rapid prototyping and experimentation.
JIFX Tenets


These tenets were crafted as a reflection of the JIFX community and culture

  • Austere by Design
  • Bounded, Not Controlled
  • Inclusive
  • Develop Now
  • Collaboration is Expected
  • Failure is Acceptable
Why Attend JIFX?

Why Attend?

  • Join a community of researchers experimenting on state-of-the-art technology to address the needs and requirements of the warfighter.
  • Receive cyber vulnerability assessments and end-user evaluations.
  • Spend less time worrying about scheduling and approvals by attending our low-overhead and inclusive events.
  • Interactions between government and commercial industry in a non-acquisition and collaborative environment.
  • Utilize the realistic field environment venues for technology development.

JIFX Intro Brief