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Managed by the Joint Vulnerability Assessment Branch (JVAB)

All About JVAB

The Joint Vulnerability Assessment Branch (JVAB) conducts RF and Computer Network Security vulnerability assessments for organizations across the DoD and Combatant Commands. Their goal is to work with the project or unit to improve their security posture. Watch the videos below to learn more about JVAB!

JVAB conducts Cyber Vulnerability Assessments (CVA's) of almost all technologies that attend JIFX events.


One of JVAB's primary focuses is the use of Radio Frequencies (RF) communication links.  Click below to learn more about JVAB's capabilities and approach to assessing systems at JIFX

Watch the video below to learn more about JVAB's Computer Network Security team.

JVAB can serve as both the Opposing Force (OPFOR) and Advanced Red Team (ART).

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