JIFX 21-1

16 - 20 November, 2020

Camp Roberts, CA


A-01: OWL - One Way Lifter, Greensight

A-02: Aerial Automated Runway Inspection and Safety Scan (AARISS), Greensight

A-03: Autonomous Wildfire Detection and Suppression with Deep Learning, Overwatch Aero, LLC

A-04: CACTF Tunnel Flights, Special Technology Lab - Nevada National Security Site

A-05: Unmanned Logistics Systems - Air (ULS-A) Autonomy Experiment, SURVICE Engineering

A-06: Arsenal Ship - Rotary and Fixed With UAS with Any Ship

A-07: Energetic sUAS Dynamic Firing, TETAC Incorporated

B-01: Baton - A Precision Deliver Device, Applewhite Aero

B-02: AI for Small Unit Maneuver, Autonodyne, LLC

B-03: Persistent ISR, Communications Relay, Stand-Off Sensitive Site Exploitation in support of Electronic Warfare Operations and Targeting from Tethered Platform Capability, HoverFly Technology

B-04: Pison Gesture Capability, Pison Technology

B-05: Long Range Flight Test, T-Rex Tracking Corporation

B-06: HellHive UAS Swarm Deployment, VRR

B-07: Control of small UASs with Integration of Fused Augmented Realities (FAR), Intel/Surveillance/Reconnaissance (ISR), & Call For Fire (CFF), VRR

D-01: Integration of Fused Augmented Realities (FAR), Intel/Surveillance/Reconnaissance (ISR), & Call For Fire (CFF) into a Mixed-Reality (MR) Visual Augmentation System, VRR

D-02: Tactical Surveillance and Intelligence Automation at the Edge, Gantz-Mountain Intelligence Automation Systems, Inc.

F-01: Crisis Assured Communications, ISR in 4K, CYTTA Corp.

F-02: Cyber Unattended Ground Sensors, Innovative Algorithms

F-03: Tracking, Emergency Beacon, and Command Systems Testing, Microwave Monolithics Incorporated

F-04: Building Interior Mapping/Modeling for STE-CFT, US Army Corps of Engineers - Engineering Research & Development Center

J-01: Tactical Camera Systems Interoperability and Capability Experimentation, Tactical Electronics & Military Supply, LLC

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