Sea Land Air Military Research (SLAMR) Facility

Located at 1951 Del Monte Avenue Monterey, California 93943

SLAMR Facility Location


  • Most direct approach from HWY 1 is to exit on Casa Verde Way and turn to the West (towards the water) towards Del Monte Avenue, then left onto Del Monte Avenue at the light.
  • Facility is only approachable from the North on Del Monte Avenue
  • It will be a right turn (road 1951) as you are opposite Del Monte Lake (on the left) just past the Naval Postgraduate School facility sign on the left.
  • Immediately after turn there is a STOP sign for the Monterey Peninsula Recreation Trail – Please exercise caution as pedestrian/bike traffic can be inattentive to vehicles.
  • After STOP continue straight and the SLAMR gate will be in front of you. Proceed in and park in designated space. If no space available park in alternate lot as directed by JIFX site representative. Do not block the gate, driveway through site or any doors.
  • If gate locked, contact your JIFX POC for access.