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GSDM Faculty Employment Opportunities

The Graduate School of Defense Management employs full-time faculty in tenure-track positions and in non-tenure-track positions.  We also employ faculty in adjunct positions to teach courses intermittently.  Full-time positions are located in Monterey, CA on the Naval Postgraduate School campus.  Duty location for the intermittent positions may be outside the Monterey area if the teaching assignments are in our Distance Learning programs.  The School is accredited by AACSB and NASPAA.

We are currently recruiting for these faculty positions.  Click on each for details about the position and for information regarding application submission.



         Acquisition Management:  Non-Tenure-Track Position

Financial Management, Federal Budgeting:  Non-Tenure-Track Position

Operations & Logistics:  Tenure-Track Position

Management & Organizations: Non-Tenure-Track Position


         Acquisition Management: Non-Tenure-Track Position