HRCOE Overview

Human Resources Center of Excellence (HRCOE)

Delivering Human Resources (HR) expertise—to define, recruit, develop, assign, and retain a highly skilled workforce for the Navy.

Established in October 2007 by the Chief of Naval Personnel, the Human Resources Center of Excellence (HRCOE) serves as a focal point for the lifelong learning for the Human Resources (HR) community. Center activities and efforts—to enrich the professional development and abilities of the HR community—are aligned with the HR community mission of delivering HR expertise to define, recruit, develop, assign, and retain a highly skilled workforce for the Navy.

The HRCOE's mission is four-fold:

  1. Develop and execute the learning continuum for all active duty and reserve HR officers.
  2. Guide the HR Executive Board and Regional Captains.
  3. Maintain an HR resource repository.
  4. Mentor HR officers in the Monterey region.

HR Community Portal:

The Human Resources Center of Excellence (HRCOE) hosts important information, including course applications, and resources on the HR Communicyt Portal ( HR Officers requiring access to the HR community portal can request access from HRCOE by sending an email to

Features of this site include:

1. Recent Announcements - HRCOE will post announcements of upcoming events, including course offerings, or publishing of awards or additional key documents.

2. Frequently Accessed Folders/Documents - this is a consolidated list of frequently requested information, such as the Billet List, HR Leadership, Command Qualification Information, and PHR/SPHR Recertification resources.

3. HR Resources - find Billet Lists, HRCOE Course Announcements and Applications, Webinar recordings and briefs, and HR community reference material.


Accordion Prof Dev HRCOE v2.0

Human Resources Introductory Course (HRIC)

This course provides junior and newly accessed Navy HR Officers with an overview of MyNavyHR, and the HR core competencies of development, management, recruiting and requirements. Students also gain an understanding of HR community career management and professional development opportunities.


Human Resources Advanced Course (HRAC)

This course provides senior-level Navy HR Officers (Commanders adn Commander Selects) with an understanding of how HR core compencies influence Navy strategic planning, and how, as strategic leaders, they are to leverage those core compentencies to meet the Navy's current and future challenges.


Certification Preparation and Examination Program (CPEP)

CPEP is a hybrid PHR/SPHR preparation course for HR Officers. The class consists of 10 weeks of distance learning classes followed by a four day intensive in classroom review. The location of the four day in classroom review changes each class, but is generally conducted in HR Officer concentration areas such as Washington, DC and Millington, TN. Additional information is posted on the HR Community Portal.

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Priority will be given to current or selected HR Officers (1200 / 1205 / 1207) for all HRCOE courses. Applications from prospective HR Officers will be considered on a by-exception basis.

Unless otherwise listed, HRIC and HRAC courses are held at Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA.


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Human Resources Officers are encouraged to utilize t he community portal ( for all HRCOE course applications. Applications are posted on the "Recent Announcements" section of the landing page. For any questions about portal access, please contact HRCOE at

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