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2018/2019 Annual Report & Fact Book

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A Message from the President
by Ronald A. Route, Vice Admiral, USN (Ret.)

Ronald A. Route, Vice Admiral, USN
The students and faculty of Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) experienced a strong 2018, making great strides in creating knowledge, progressing science and technology, and advancing the capabilities of the U.S. Armed Forces. The university awarded 1,260 advanced degrees to our nation’s top military and civilian defense leaders, and those of our allies. Continue reading A Message from the President...


AR2019 - NPS Intro

An Introduction to the Naval Postgraduate School
Overview & A Short History

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NPS was established as the School of Marine Engineering at the U.S. Naval Academy in 1909. In 1919, the school was renamed the Naval Postgraduate School. In 1949, as part of reorganization within the Department of Defense, Congress authorized the move of NPS from Annapolis, Maryland to Monterey, California. In 1951, NPS officially opened its doors in Monterey. Since its beginning, when the School was chartered to focus on science and technology, NPS has evolved into an institution that serves naval, defense and national security related interests by providing current and future readiness, advances in technology, and educational and operational programs that directly support all facets of national defense and homeland security.

At NPS, four world-class schools oversee 14 academic departments and over 35 research and education centers that provide 80 master’s and 16 doctoral degree programs and 60 academic certificates to approximately 1,460 resident students, including more than 111 international students, as well as to 853 distributed-learning students worldwide. Continue reading Overview & A Short History...

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Student Enrollment

2,639 average on board

  • 1,459 Residential

  • 853 Distance Learning

  • 327 Certificate

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Degrees Awarded 1,260

  • 1,247 Master Degrees

  • 11 Doctorates

  • 2 Post Masters

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NPS Graduate Degrees Conferred by Service

NPS Graduate Degrees Conferred by Service 2018

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  • WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC)

  • Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET)

  • Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)

  • Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA)

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Faculty & Staff

  • 231 Tenure Track Faculty

  • 379 Non-Tenure Track Faculty

  • 34 Military Faculty

  • 341 GS/Wage Grade staff members

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  • Approx $100 million in sponsored research funding

  • Research programs are aligned to NPS curricula

  • NPS research is valuable to improving the security of the U.S.

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  • $414 million Operating budget: including military salary

  • $111 million Direct Authorization: without military salary

  • $106 million Reimbursable Income

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Academic Facilities

  • 102 Classrooms That Offer Media Technology

  • 19 Classrooms With Video-Teleconferencing

  • 19 Classified Facilities

  • 166 Labs


AR2019 - A Clear Vision

a Clear VISION

A Clear Vision Article


When Secretary of the Navy Richard V. Spencer made his first visit to the Naval Postgraduate School in early 2018, after only a handful of months on the job, he was already well versed in the university’s unique mission of graduate education and research. And he was equally clear and concise in his call to action, detailed during an all hands call to the campus community. Continue reading A Clear Vision...

We are open to those organizations, both public and private, who want to come to NPS to build, innovate, develop, test and improve ideas, products and solutions alongside us ... Major advancements in technology and policies are never the result of conservative intellectual spirit, we must expand our view and our reach.

The Honorable Richard V. Spendcer
Secretary of the Navy


AR2019 - Teaching Research

Teaching Research Article


Across the Naval Postgraduate School’s academic departments reside some of our nation's foremost leading authorities in their respective disciplines. Every day, these experts share their knowledge and expertise directly with the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces and our allies. Continue reading Teaching Research...

I have visited many other universities and laboratories world-wide, and have found nothing to compare with the professionals I work with at NPS and our mission.

Distinguished  Professor Emeritus Gerald Brown
Member, National Academy of Engineering
NPS Department of Operations Research


AR2019 - The End Result
the End RESULT

The End Result Article


When leadership empower an institution to be successful, and the individual components of that organization meld into a unified force, something significant happens. Across the university campus, the term often proposed to identify this powerful force is synergy. Continue reading The End Result...

He told me if we didn’t show up with a team, we’d be missing an opportunity to showcase the value proposition of what our officers are doing at NPS.

Army Col. Michael Richardson



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2018 Year in Review
AR2019 - Timeline
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AR2019 - January

Dr. Hamdullah Mohib

NPS alumnus and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff retired Adm. Mike Mullen addresses NPS students, faculty and staff, emphasizing the vital contributions NPS makes to promote national security and to prepare future leaders to meet global challenges.

Afghan ambassador to the United States Dr. Hamdullah Mohib visits NPS to discuss the social, political, cultural efforts underway in rebuilding Afghanistan after four decades of war, the continuing presence of terrorists, and the nation’s massive devastation.

AR2019 - April

The Impossible City

NPS Dept. of National Security Affairs, in partnership with the NPS Foundation, continues its Global Connection lecture Series with Dr. Mia Bloom, who shares her extensive research on political violence and youth, and the exploitation of victims in terrorist propaganda.

Systems Engineering researchers and students successfully conduct an exercise at the ‘Impossible City,’ a Military Operations in Urban Terrain facility near NPS, to test and evaluate ad hoc networking and autonomous control of unmanned systems.

AR2019 - July

NEPTUNE Challenge Summit

NPS launches its interdisciplinary Data Science and Analytics Group to streamline development, teaching and sharing of data science at the institution and within the DOD.

NPS hosts the Office of Naval Research funded NEPTUNE Challenge Summit where researchers and students from leading universities collaborate on developing a new model for solving H4D, Hacking for Defense related problems.

AR2019 - October

NATO Forces Sensor and Weapon Accuracy Check Sites

Representatives from the eight nations of the NATO Forces Sensor and Weapon Accuracy Check Sites (FORACS) Steering Committee gather at NPS to discuss their 2018 Strategic Plan and key administrative and budgetary decisions.

NPS Department of Oceanography chair Dr. Peter Chu becomes the Chairman of the Global Temperature-Salinity Profile Program of the Intergovernmental Ocean Commission, part of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the only UN body specializing in ocean science and services.

AR2019 - February

Critical Energy Infrastructure Protection Course NATO

Recognizing their strategic importance to the DON, the university’s Energy Academic Group and Center for Infrastructure Defense hosts a Critical Energy Infrastructure Protection Course at the NATO Istanbul Corporation Initiative Regional Centre in Kuwait.

The Graduate School of Business and Public Policy collaborates with the U.S. Air Force in conducting an in-depth analysis comparing purchases between Amazon Business and the General Services Administration, the latter of which offers lower prices and faster, less costly shipping from 241 of the 300 vendors tested.

AR2019 - May

MOVES celebrates 30 years of VR

The university recognizes 30 years of support to the Navy and DOD through the evolution of virtual reality technology offered through its Modeling, Virtual Environments and Simulation Institute.

An NPS Bowman Scholar continues efforts he started as a USNA Midshipman in researching a way to
efficiently deploy robotic CubeSats into space to service orbiting satellites or other craft.

AR2019 - August

Rear Adm. Jean Mendoua

Rear Adm. Jean Mendoua, Chief of Staff of the Cameroon Navy, and the Senior Defense Attache for the U.S. Embassy in Cameroon visit NPS, tour research labs, and discuss the university’s ongoing security-related programs.

Faculty in the NPS National Security Affairs department mark a milestone in scholarly achievement as they publish their 100th book.

AR2019 - November

Polar icebreaker USCGC Healy

In support of new directives, NPS creates a four-course, graduate-level certificate program including coursework in space technology and applications, military satellite communications, and a two-part NC3 systems course for U.S. Air Force Nuclear Command, Control and Communications professionals.

NPS researchers and students complete a five-week voyage to the eastern Beaufort Sea aboard the polar icebreaker USCGC Healy, to deploy a series of NPS-developed Autonomous Ocean Flux Buoys which will continuously monitor the delicate balance between ocean, ice and sun.

AR2019 - March

Winter Quarter Graduates

NPS launches a data standardization pilot program, “Compile -to-Combat in 24 Hours,” that will free vital communications links from both ships afloat and shore to ship by speedily transferring updates within 24 hours.

NPS awards 250 advanced degrees, including three doctorates, on its winter quarter graduates, who are addressed by Acting Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Manpower and Reserve Affairs Robert L. Woods as the ceremony’s keynote speaker.


AR2019 - June

13th International Mine Warfare Technology Symposium

Subject matter experts and researchers from the Office of Naval Research, the Navy’s Office of Expeditionary Warfare and NPS’ Consortium for Robotics and Unmanned Systems Education and Research, discuss the fleet’s current issues during the NPS-hosted 13th International Mine Warfare Technology Symposium.

NPS hosts the NATO Science and Technology Organization Information Systems Technology-129 (IST-129) Board, which consists of cybersecurity experts from varied NATO member countries, who identify and develop predictive methods and analyses in cyber to defend or thwart adversarial attacks.

AR2019 - Steptember

Joint Interagency Field Experimentation

Students and faculty, representatives from various U.S. military commands and specialists from cutting-edge technology firms test a range of new unmanned aerial vehicles during the weeklong Joint Interagency Field Experimentation.   

The NPS Department of Operations Research hosts its second annual “Day of Data, Decisions and Defense” workshop for a nationwide cohort of doctoral students who convene to share their latest findings in data science and analytics.

AR2019 - December

Climate Modeling Alliance

A consortium of researchers from Caltech, MIT, JPL and NPS partner in the Climate Modeling Alliance, to develop a climate model that projects future changes in critical variables such as cloud cover, rainfall, and sea ice extent more accurately – with uncertainties at least two times smaller than existing models.

Researchers from NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center tour NPS and attend briefings with faculty to explore future collaborations in critical technology related challenges and in emerging technologies.