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The Fifth Domain ... coined to imply the strategic placement of the era of cyber warfare.

A domain of warfare is not created on a whim, and it is challenging to conceptualize an equal to the domains of space, air, surface and undersea—they are physical environments that extend throughout our world. But strategists have indeed placed that level of significance on cyberspace, recognizing that everyone—from well-financed operators of prominent states to shadowy figures in otherwise inconsequential places—can wreak havoc on the U.S. in this era of cyberwar.

Like the first-rate Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines that execute the missions of commanders across all other domains, so too are operators within the cyber domain. They are digital troops with the power to protect the nation and exert will should they be called upon to do so.

And these well-trained troops need well-educated leaders to guide them, to strategize and make decisions in the heat of battle. This is the domain of the Naval Postgraduate School.

For many years, NPS has produced a great many of these well-educated leaders through technically deep courses of study in electrical and computer engineering, computer science, and information warfare degree programs. One of our newest additions to the range of cyber education offered at NPS is the cyber systems and operations degree, in which a cadre of officers is being educated in the requisite disciplines of offensive and defensive cyber mission planning, information assurance, and cyber policy, among many others.

In addition, a master’s degree program in applied cyber operations has been developed to provide another layer of leadership to the operating community within the Fifth Domain. Capitalizing on available capacity, the curriculum allows senior enlisted personnel to gain an advanced, graduate level education in this critical area, as they are also critical leaders in the operating workforce of cyber warriors.

As the calendar turns to 2013, the continued expansion of the university’s cyber battle lab will usher in a new era in applied research, that will perfectly complement what has already been a robust cyber research enterprise, and a rapidly deployed effort in advanced education.

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