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The foundation of the graduate education function is developing the ability to add to the collective human knowledge ... to innovate, analyze what is known on a very specific topic, determine what is unknown, then seek the answer to that very unknown. To discover is a natural symptom of the human condition, and it is an act that occurs at institutions of advanced education across the world.

While innovating is a natural occurrence, it is not without need of critical enablers-supporting elements that provide not only the environment, but the physical tools as well. Like many universities, it is the faculty at NPS that are the single most critical enabler of innovation. They carefully guide students through the process of understanding existing knowledge, determining questions, and answering them.

But there are other critical factors as well. At NPS, the institution has made a firm commitment to providing students with the resources to empower their acts of discovery. High-performance computing technologies enable intricate analyses of vast amounts of data and calculations, and cutting-edge collaborative tools allow students to interact with DOD colleagues, faculty and each other in their efforts of discovery.

With a vigilant desire to constantly improve and empower, and at the most efficient means possible, the university is constantly envisioning what can be accomplished in the realm of technology and resources provided to its Academic Quad. And 2012 brought an honor in recognition of this culture, when the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California presented NPS with the 2012 Innovations in Networking Award for Educational Applications for its Team Monterey academic network initiative with the nearby Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center.

Although one small piece, it’s indicative of a cultural approach to collaboration that exists at the university. And the above award is just one part of extending that culture throughout all DOD assets in the Monterey region, an approach entitled Team Monterey pioneered by local Congressman Sam Farr, that leverages the power of defense institutions across the county to better serve the nation.

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