A message from the president Image


The past year at the Naval Postgraduate School was a year like many others in the more than 100 years of this institution’s honored history … a statement that may surprise you.

When you think of it, however, the ultimate determination of success or failure for any organization lies in the accomplishment of mission. And at NPS, our mission is quite clear; hopefully you took a brief moment to read it on the opening page of this publication.

It is the clarity of that mission that has and continues to serve this institution very well, for regardless of our roles—as students, faculty or staff; as leadership, program and research sponsors—we are all driven by the successful execution of that one, single directive. Regardless of the changes that occurred over the course of our past year, it is through the drive of our people to fulfill that succinct mission that has kept NPS on its true course.

Throughout the pages of this report, you will experience a mere sampling of successful mission execution at NPS. And it’s one that in no way begins to do the institution, or its people, justice for the countless more ways it demonstrates mission achievement. You will have the opportunity to understand how NPS contributes to the effectiveness of Navy operations, and national and homeland security overall, and improves its leadership core of mid-grade officers.

As we have already turned our attention to 2014, our tenures in the honored positions of President and Provost are focused on the long-term strategies of this institution, and how the efforts of our faculty and staff will prepare future cadres of officers; in other words, how we will continue to execute that mission. It is a responsibility we eagerly look forward to, for the impact of education, critical thinking and advanced leadership skills coupled with relevant research is a powerful one, and certainly something we all want to be a part of.

The respect we all have for officers of the military service, at NPS and far beyond, is an honor we can all share. To watch hundreds of them depart our campus every three months, more effective at leading the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces, is an honor we can only hope you get to experience.