Ask an Astronaut

The Naval Postgraduate School Presents … Ask an Astronaut! In honor of Month of the Military Child, NPS is providing an opportunity for military children, students across Monterey County and viewers to pose their questions to three former NASA astronauts, veterans of 11 Space Shuttle missions, all with a direct connection to NPS and the Monterey community.

APRIL 29, 2021 • 10:00 a.m. (pacific)  |   Watch the Recording


STS 122 Patch

STS 122


Expedition 4 Patch

Expedition 4


STS 88 Patch



STS 108 Patch

STS 108


The Astronauts


Story three

A graduate of NPS, Capt. Stephen N. Frick, USN (ret.) is a veteran of two Space Shuttle missions and served as the Commander of STS-122.

Story four

A graduate of NPS, Capt. Daniel W. Bursch, USN (ret.) is a veteran of four space shuttle flights, and once held the record for the longest International Space Station mission.

Story five

Chair of the NPS Space Systems Academic Group, Dr. James H. Newman is a veteran of four space shuttle missions, including a critical mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.




STS-109 patch



STS-68 patch



STS-51 patch



Shuttle Vets

STS-77 patch



STS-111 patch



STS-110 patch

STS 110





Story one

NASA's STS-51 Mission

The three mission specialists for NASA's STS-51 mission watch as a crewmate (out of frame) simulates a parachute jump into water during emergency bailout training exercises at the Johnson Space Center's Weightless Environment Training Facility (WET-F). Left to right are astronauts Daniel W. Bursch, Carl E. Walz and James H. Newman. Out of frame are astronauts Frank L. Culbertson and William F. Readdy, commander and pilot, respectively.

Story two

STS-110 Crew

The STS-110 crew poses on the 225-foot level of the Fixed Service Structure on the launch pad during Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test activities. Kneeling in front are Pilot Stephen Frick and Mission Specialist Jerry Ross. Behind them are Mission Specialists Ellen Ochoa and Rex Walheim. In the rear are Commander Michael Bloomfield and Mission Specialists Lee Morin and Steven Smith.

ISS HD Earth Viewing Experiment

Space Station: 2021 Calendar