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The NPS Office of University Communications can provide an NPS logo bundle containing the necessary print and screen resolution files (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, EPS) for all print, Web and video uses. You will find one, two and three-color formats in Pantone Matching System (pms) spot colors and four-color process (cmyk) colors. Spot colors are premixed exact colors that offset printers use, where cmyk colors are utilized in desktop and digital printers where the color is built using shades of cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Also included are outlined art files in positive and reversed formats for application to materials requiring laser cutting.

Use the two-color format when designing and printing two pms spot color materials and the one-color formats for single pms color use; otherwise, the three-color printing of the logo is the preferred format. Use the following pms colors only: Yellow–pms129, Blue–pms295, Process Black, Metallic Gold–pms871, Gold Foil Satin (Crown 380).

When submitting the logo to a vendor, be sure to specify the diameter, the line screen, color guidelines, file format and always use the electronic artwork provided. Choose a line screen that best suits your printer’s capabilities and the paper stock or surface being printed on to achieve top-quality results. When possible, choose a fine screen to produce a sharper logo. Ask the vendor if this is unclear, or consult the NPS Office of University Communications.



Colors in Approved Logo Formats for Printing

Logo Format Regular

Digital Artwork NPS Logo Three Color

Three Color: NPS Blue, Yellow and Black

Recommended for most logo requirements.

Approved for four-color process printing.

Approved for spot printing with PMS295 (blue),
PMS129 (yellow), and process black.



Logo Format Blue Yellow
NPS Blue Yellow logo

Two Color: NPS Blue, Yellow

Approved for spot printing with PMS295 (blue)
and PMS129 (yellow).

Not approved for four-color process printing
(use three-color logo).



Logo Format Blue
Logo Format Blue

One Color: NPS Blue

Approved for spot printing with PMS295.





Logo Format Yellow
Logo Format Yellow

One Color: Yellow

Approved for spot printing with PMS129.





Logo Format Black
Logo Format Black

One Color: Black

Approved for process black.