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Page Layouts

When you create a page in Liferay, you must select a page layout from the provided layout options. The layout options are shown below. Clicking a radio button and hitting "Save" will allow you to set a particular layout for your page. When you drag content onto your page, you will see it flow into the column arrangement you have selected. A dark blue bar will appear as you drag content, indicating the active column. Simply drag and drop your content assets into the preset columns. You can change your layout at any time, by editing your page.

Creating Your Site: Liferay Layouts
Creating Your Site: Layout Main Content 3

Use Nested Portlets for Additional Layout options

You may extend these custom layouts by using the "Nested Portlets" feature of Liferay. Nested portlets allow you to create a layout within your main layout to allow for many more possible layouts for your content. For more about how to make a Nested Portlet, please view this tutorial (log-in required).

nested portlet image