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Guidance on Using the NPS Logo with Sub-Unit Logos

While the NPS shield logo is the only officially-recognized mark for the institution, we recognize the need for certain types of externally-funded, sub-units with important and distinctive external audiences to develop individual logos/marks for marketing and identity purposes. The following identifies different levels of sub-units within NPS, and the appropriate guidance for each.

All directly-funded units, schools, departments, academic subdivisions and administrative areas within the Naval Postgraduate School should only use the official logo as the sole mark for all communications purposes. The standard logo placement, color, sizing and name guidelines should be utilized as outlined in this guide.

Academic units such as schools, departments, and academic groups must use the official logo as their primary identifying mark. These units may add their name below or to the right side of the university shield, typeset in Trajan Bold, followed by a .5pt rule that spans the length of the name. Under the rule, Naval Postgraduate School must be spelled out and span at least 80% of the distance. See below for precise examples.

Administrative offices and divisions represent integral units within the university and must use the NPS logo. No other logos are authorized for these units except unless specified in an instruction.

Externally-funded institutes, centers, labs and similar organizations may feel the need to establish an individual identity that has been professionally prepared and contributes to a legitimate, external, comprehensive communications strategy. For these purposes, the following guidelines apply:

  • The NPS logo with type, as outlined in this guide, will be prominently displayed on any official communications materials produced by these groups.
  • The name “Naval Postgraduate School” cannot be incorporated into any designed logo/mark. Rather, the organizational mark should be used in combination with the NPS shield and university name as outlined in this guide. All materials, including business cards and logo wear created by these entities, should follow this guidance.
  • New institutes and centers will follow the established NPS logo usage guidelines.

Non NPS activities, such as the Navy Exchange and NSA Monterey, should follow the logo and brand guidelines outlined by their own respective chains of command. However, when the NPS logo is incorporated or utilized in any capacity, it should follow the guidelines and usage requirements detailed in this guide.

Special projects or events, such as the NPS Centennial or Concert on the Lawn series, that are initiated at the institutional level may require dedicated promotional or communications strategies to accomplish their goals. The development of a unique logo, together with a coordinated design package, may be considered. This does not preclude the use of the NPS logo on all materials in accordance with this style guide.

For any inquiries, guidance or assistance on utilizing and implementing the NPS brand, contact the Office of University Communications at


Horizontal and Vertical Logo Formats for NPS Schools

Horizontal and Vertical Logo Formats for NPS Schools


Approved Logo Formats for Centers, Groups, Institutes

Approved formats for centers, groups, institutes


Approved Format for Subdivisions with Alternate Logomarks

Approved Format for Subdivisions with alternate logomarks


Logo Placement Examples

Logo Placement Examples