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Size and Clearance

Logo Size and Clearance

The NPS logo should never be smaller than one inch for the horizontal version and .63 inches for the vertical. When using the shield by itself, it should not be smaller than .75 inches at the widest point.

To create the greatest visual impact, maintain institute integrity, and ensure legibility, the NPS logo should be surrounded on all sides by a minimum clearance. The minimum clearance should be the distance between the NPS shield and the overhang of the PRAESTANTIA PER SCIENTIAM ribbon, shown as X in the examples below. Clear space acts as a buffer zone and helps lead the eye to process the mark in its entirety. This clear space isolates our logo from competing elements and establishes greater impact, a standard practice across all organizational strategic communications and branding efforts. Using our logo in a consistent manner in all print and digital media helps establish and re-enforce NPS’ brand recognition.



Logo Clearance


Minimum Logo Size


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