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NPS Welcomes New President’s Student Council Leadership
U.S. Navy photo by MC2 Michael Ehrlich

NPS Welcomes New President’s Student Council Leadership

By MC2 Michael Ehrlich

NPS’ President’s Student Council (PSC) Chair Lt. j.g. Tanya L. Herfi and Vice Chair Marine Corps Capt. Daniel Salazar are ready to start a new quarter and a new year representing the student body of NPS. The PSC is an organization that advocates within NPS and NSAM, for students by students who can relate to many of the challenges faced on a daily basis.

“After the August 2017 PSC Student Survey, the PSC has been able to meet with the NPS President, Provost, Dean of Students, NSAM CO, Library Staff, MBAC staff (gym), MWR, Medical and Dental in order to personally deliver a vast amount of student feedback to various leaders and highlight some issues that students face, as well as recognize some of the great resources being utilized by students,” said Herfi.

The PSC creates lines of communication to face those challenges and provide feedback to the various supporting units throughout the NPS campus in order to help make improvements that benefit the students.
“There are so many answers that can take place with just a simple conversation, and we as the PSC can help direct that conversation to the right places,” continued Herfi. “We may not be end-all, be-all problem solvers, but we can at least ask the question and initiate the dialogue in order to get the right answers.”

As the former PSC Chair now serving as Vice Chair, Salazar hopes to continue maintaining the lines of communication from all students to all NPS and NSAM leadership.

"The PSC continues to be the voice of the students to university leadership,” said Salazar. “Every PSC student volunteer has stepped up to be a part of solving problems and making the NPS experience better for their peers and those that will come after them."

If you would like to know more about being part of the PSC, connect with a current member of the organization. Also, all students are always welcome to our monthly meetings held the first Wednesday of each month at 12:00 noon in the Dudley Knox Library, Kn-263A.

Chair:                                   Lt. j.g. Tanya L. Herfi
Vice-Chair:                           Capt. Dan Salazar
SIGS School Lead:               Capt. Alejandro Bihar
GSOIS School Lead:            Vacant (contact chair for information)
GSBPP School Lead:           Vacant (contact chair for information)
GSEAS School Lead:           Lt. Josh Malia

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