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The Peacocks Have Returned
U.S. Navy photo by Javier Chagoya

The Peacocks Have Returned

By Javier Chagoya

Two brilliantly-colored peacocks strut their stuff outside Herrmann Hall while acclimating to their new surroundings, Sept. 30. After seeing the familiar fowl up for adoption through the Monterey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Naval Support Activity Monterey (NSAM) leadership took the opportunity to return these popular residents to the campus.

"Peacocks have long been associated with NPS and NSAM. We are delighted to support the re-introduction of these birds to the base, they add a richness and splendor to an already amazing installation," said NSAM Commanding Officer, Capt. Kevin Bertelsen.

Installation Environmental Program Manager Johanna Turner and NSAM Natural Resource Specialists Todd Wills and Vickie Taber picked up the peacocks from the SPCA. They were surrendered after their previous owners moved to a new home that could not accommodate the birds.

"We brought them to NPS and placed them in the La Novia Terrace for a few days to acclimate them to their new home. They are now free to roam the installation, but still frequent the La Novia Terrace," said Taber.

Although not native to North America, this species of peafowl is known to have only a minimal impact on native animals and plants. No other exotic birds will be permitted on campus and there is no plan to introduce peahens since hatchlings may result.

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The Peacocks Have Returned