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Office of University Communications

Naval Postgraduate School
1 University Circle
Monterey, CA 93943

 (831) 656-1068
Website: https://nps.edu/office-of-university-communications

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Update NPS Dec 2009

December 2009

- NPS to Pilot a New Academic Calendar
- Message from President Dan Oliver
- PW Employees Honored for Saving Life

Update NPS Nov 2009

November 2009

- GCSC Welcomes New Leadership at Annual Conference
- Energy Initiatives Help NPS Go Green

Update NPS Oct 2009

October 2009

- Marine Air Wing Commander Congratulates Summer Grads
- Welcome Chief of Staff Col. Pete Boerlage

Update NPS Sep 2009

September 2009

- Scholarship Program Boosts Ph.D. Enrollments
- NPS Hall of Fame Honors Its 11th Inductee

Update NPS Aug 2009

August 2009

- New Arsenal for Marketing NPS
- Message from Provost
- Air and Space Week Rocks

Update NPS Jul 2009

July 2009

- Symposium Explores Changes in Defense Acquisition
- Celebrating a Culture of Advanced Computing for Academia
Update NPS Jun 2009

June 2009

- NPS Team Tests Revolutionary Recon System
- Message from Dean of Students
- Lake Del Monte Renewal

Update NPS May 2009

May 2009

- Centennial Celebration Begin
- Message from GSBPP Dean
- SEED Center Hosts International Workshop

Update NPS Apr 2009

 April 2009

- New Look for External Web
- Message from President Oliver
- NPS Unveils New Supercomputer

Update NPS Mar 2009

 March 2009

- WASC Team Visits in March
- Message from Dean of Research
- New NPS Internet Site Coming Soon

Update NPS Feb 2009

 February 2009

- Golf Course Annex Gets High-Speed Boost
- Message from Provost
- Looking Back at 1909

Update NPS Jan 2009

 January 2009

- CSRS' Efforts to Prevent Conflict in Arctic Region
- WASC Update
- Message from GSEAS Dean