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Update NPS Dec 2011

December 2011

- Army Chief of Staff Odierno Briefed on NPS' Defense Analysis
- Educators Gather for Transformative Education Forum
- Conference Opens Doors for Young Women in STEM Fields

Update NPS Nov 2011

November 2011

- Air Force Doctoral Graduate Edits Book on Hybrid Conflict
- Oceanography Department Utilizes Coastal Radar Network
- New Center Examines DoD Trends Mathematically

Update NPS Oct 2011

October 2011

- Doctoral Student Explores Algorithm for Force Protection
- Retired Lockheed Martin CEO Keynotes Summer Graduation
- MOVES Software Package Helps LSOs Track Pilot Performance

Update NPS Sep 2011

September 2011

- NPS Explores New Ways to Deliver Laser Defense Systems to the Fleet
- SecNav Ray Mabus Announces NPS Energy Degree Programs
- RELIEF Program Brings Collaboration to Camp Roberts

Update NPS Aug 2011

August 2011

- NPS Student Named "Marine Corps Times" Marine of the Year
- MOVES Summit Welcomes Modeling, Simulation Experts
- NPS Alumnus Leads Humanitarian Operations in the Pacific

Update NPS Jul 2011

July 2011

- NPS Grad One of Navy's First Female Submarine Candidates
- COA Forum Highlights U.S. Foreign Policy in Africa
- Jordan Embraces Education Amidst Neighbors in Turmoil
Update NPS Jun 2011

June 2011

- NPS Awards Longtime Senator John Warner with Honorary Doctorate
- Acquisition Symposium Analyzes Defense Spending
- NPS Students Travel to the Arctic for ICEX 2011

Update NPS May 2011

May 2011

- One Giant Leap for Visualization
- NPS Professor Explores New Methods of IED Detection
- Student, Faculty Briefs Spotlight Infrastructure Protection Research

Update NPS Apr 2011

 April 2011

- Field Project Maps Tidal Inlet Flows
- A Converstaion with DoS, Capt. Alan Poindexter
- Physics Prof. Wins 2011 Hamming

Update NPS Mar 2011

 March 2011

- USPTC, NATO Partner to Help Combat Corruption
- Military Robotics Revolution Expert Offers Latest SGL
- Rear Adm. Simpson, Leadership Discuss IDC Curricula

Update NPS Feb 2011

 February 2011

- NPS Advances Networked Medicine
- NPS Professor Leads Ground Breaking Hurricane Research
- Historical Highlights

Update NPS Jan 2011

 January 2011

- Crushing CubeSats for DARPA
- Commander Third Fleet, Bronze Stars Shine at Fall Grad
- Faculty Recognized at Annual University Celebration