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Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

Faculty are central in developing students' ability to write well and think critically. The GWC is supplementary and complementary to faculty and departments' efforts, not a replacement. The GWC supports NPS faculty's teaching and advising through the following services: 

GWC Text for Your Syllabi

Coming soon.

Writing Feedback Matrix

Faculty can record their evaluation of a student's writing skills using the provided Word document. This simple form categorizes skills into aspects of critical thinking and writing mechanics, with space to add comments. At the bottom are checkboxes to indicate whether GWC support is suggested or required.

Writing Rubric

This basic rubric helps faculty communicate expectations to students and provide an evaluation of students' written work. The GWC can also work with faculty to create a customized rubric or to create a rubric for research posters and classroom presentations.


Faculty may suggest or require that their students and advisees take one of our workshops, meet with a writing coach on a specific paper, or meet with a coach a certain number of times per term. To file a mandatory referral request with the GWC, click here.

Introduction to the GWC in Your Class

We'll cover the purpose of the Graduate Writing Center, its services, how to sign up with a writing coach in WCOnline, what we don't do and why, the writing process, and why students should engage with the GWC. For a customized presentation, contact the GWC.

Handouts, Videos, and More

Faculty are welcome to download materials for their students from our website, list writing-related readings and videos as required course material, or request that tailored material be found or developed for use in their classes. See our Writing Resources page.

Workshops for Your Students

Faculty may request that one of our workshops be offered specifically for their students. These workshops can be held during your class time slot or an alternative time and day, depending on instructor availability. To request a workshop, contact the GWC.