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Academic publishing overview

Academic Publishing: An Overview

Academic publishing is an exciting step as you progress within your discipline's scholarship. In addition to increasing your reputation within your discipline, publishing in peer-reviewed journals disseminates new and sometimes revolutionary scholarly and technological developments within the United States and international communities. Publishing is thus a significant means of contributing to both the security of our nation and the betterment of our world.

Depending on the discipline, you may be co-authoring research with other graduate students or with your advisor, or your advisor may act as a sponsor for an article you wish to publish. You may be submitting on behalf of your own research.

Publishing Opportunities

If you are interested in developing and publishing your work, take the time to research publishing opportunities so that you may choose the right publication outlet for your article. This research will increase the odds of your article being published:

  • Stay current with the latest scholarship in your discipline.
  • Ask a professor or your advisor for recommendations regarding the specifics of publishing a particular article.
  • Read recent issues of the journal you wish to publish your work in to familiarize yourself with the journal's mission statement, the breadth of topics it publishes, and its frequency of publication.
  • Become familiar with both a journal's submission requirements AND the template your article must follow. The sometimes elaborate format requirements are the "first test" of your professionalism; don't give the editor a reason to reject your article before it is given a thorough read.
  • Understand that virtually every academic journal requires that you submit your article to only one journal at a time—because if two journals accepted your article and planned their issues accordingly, there would be conflict, with you at the center. If you have a second journal in mind, be sure to find out the amount of time your article may be in a particular editor's hands.

GWC Support

Of course, the first and most important requirement of academic publishing is to present the best representation of your own unique scholarship—an article that is meticulously researched and written. The Graduate Writing Center supports students' publication efforts through pre-submission review, available via a coaching appointment, as well as through our publication workshops—"Writing for Online Outlets" and "Writing for Academic Journals." Workshops are offered in the first four weeks of each quarter; you can sign up during workshop season through WCOnline.

Academic Publishing Links

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