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Electronic Official Personnel File (eOPF)

What is an eOPF?

The OPF contains Human Resources records and documents related to a civilian employee. An OPF is created when an employee begins Federal service and is maintained throughout the employee’s career in accordance with OPM regulations.  The eOPF provides electronic, web-enabled access for all employees to view OPF documents.  Additionally, the eOPF:

  • Replaces the paper OPF with an image and data-centric employee record
  • Enables "virtual folders" to house training, payroll, performance and other data
  • Provides visibility to all transactions and personnel who have access to official files in a complete audit trail
  • Provides email notification to the employee when a document is added to the eOPF
  • Assures continuity of operations and disaster recovery

Access the eOPF website here.