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Position Sensitivity

Position Designation Automated Tool (PDT)

Proper position designation is the foundation of an effective and consistent suitability and personnel security program. To ensure a systematic, dependable, and uniform way of making position designations, OPM provides the Position Designation Automated Tool (PDT) for those individuals within agencies charged with position designation responsibilities.

Supervisors are responsible for ensuring a position's sensitivity designation is accurate and is aligned properly with the permanent work of the positions they supervise. Position sensitivity has a direct impact on the position's (and employee's) required security clearance level. To learn more, or to access the Position Designation Automated Tool, visit the OPM website, here.

If you are an employee and need to request a different security clearance, please click here. Reasons an employee may need to request a different clearance may be because your job requirements are changing (e.g., new research project, new subject/discipline being taught requires access to classified material). Your request will be submitted to your immediate supervisor.

If you are a supervisor or employee with questions about changes to security clearances, please contact your HR Specialist.