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The International Defense Acquisition Resource Management (IDARM) Program within the Institute for Security Governance (ISG), is internationally recognized as a premier source of education and training for defense acquisition, logistics, contracting, project and program management, and international negotiations. Established in 1997, the IDARM Program mission is to strengthen democratic relationships and international security cooperation through acquisition education, research, and professional service:

  • Education: To develop problem solving and decision-making skills through analysis and critical review.
  • Research: To conduct studies that support policy-making and improve acquisition processes.
  • Professional Service: To provide leadership and professional expertise in support of international partners

The primary focus of the program is to strengthen the managerial competencies of the military and civilian leaders responsible for a nation’s defense acquisition processes.  For many countries, particularly in emerging democracies, acquisition processes are evolving and the question of developing a structured approach to defense acquisition resource management has not been fully addressed.  In other nations, improving the existing defense acquisition process is important to achieving international security goals.

Additionally, the understanding of other nations’ resource management processes can lead to increased opportunity for cooperative development programs and the associated reduction in risk and costs.  The benefits can also be extended to the relationship of defense acquisition management to multi-national defense agreements, such as NATO.

Our objective is to assist host nations in addressing these challenges by providing a framework within which they can develop and sustain efficient and effective defense acquisition systems. We do so by offering a wide range of defense acquisition resource management program offerings:

  • Defense Acquisition Management
  • Logistics and Life Cycle Management
  • Procurement and Contracting
  • Project Management
  • Negotiations

Developed by ISG faculty, all program offerings are custom tailored to meet customer requirements specific to the government organizational structures, national acquisition statutes and regulations, and defense acquisition objectives. Program offerings can cover a combination of interrelated subjects or provide a more in-depth examination on a specific area of interest with the goal of offering defense leaders the opportunity to explore strategic issues which must be addressed in order to improve their nation’s defense acquisition processes and business practices.

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In support of U.S. policy, help shape the international security environment and prepare future United States and international leaders for assignments in defense and foreign policy, international relations and security cooperation.



The IDARM program is intended to strengthen democratic relationships and international security cooperation through acquisition education, research and professional service.