IDARM Methodology


IDARM develops and conducts defense acquisition program offerings to provide both military officers and senior civilian officials those management principles necessary to support the development of a needs-driven acquisition system.  Tailored activities assist the host country in the following:

  • Identifying and prioritizing mission needs
  • Evaluating alternative means of meeting those needs
  • Matching resources to proposed alternative systems
  • Managing selected systems throughout their life cycles

To assist program participants in overcoming specific challenges they face in defense acquisition resource management, IDARM program offerings have a strong emphasis on real-world problem solving.  Emphasis is also placed on the opportunities and obligations of military leaders, civilian officials and private sector executives to work together in pursuing national objectives, including discussion of methods of overcoming barriers to effective communication.

IDARM utilizes lecture, discussion, reading assignments, case studies, and working group exercises to maximize the objectives of each program offering. We have found the practical application of concepts via small working groups enables participants the hands on experience of working through challenges identified during the lectures.

IDARM program offering models include: short courses, workshops, seminars, information exchanges, and support and assistance. More detail on each of these models is provided as follows:

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Short Courses

Short courses, usually one to two weeks in length, are specifically tailored to the host nation’s defense acquisition resource management environment and stated requirements. Typical sources of funding include Expanded International Military Education and Training (E-IMET) program or a Foreign Military Sales (FMS)/Foreign Military Financing (FMF) training case. 

Workshops / Seminars

Workshops, usually three to four days in length, are customized to address specific topics in a focused approach. The subject matter can be a broad overview of interrelated subjects or an examination of specific components of the defense acquisition resource management system. Typical sources of funding include E-IMET program, or a FMS/FMF training case, Military to Military (M2M) or Warsaw Initiative Funding/Defense Institution Building (WIF-DIB). 

Information Exchanges

Information Exchanges, usually one to two days in length, are initial contact dialogues in which the IDARM team and benefiting nation discuss and familiarize each other with current practices and opportunities for improvements. These exchanges can be a precursor to courses, workshops for support and assistance events.

Support and Assistance

The IDARM program can provide facilitation and consultative support to countries with targeted defense acquisition reform initiatives. Experts lead working groups to provide support and assistance to help enable a country to develop and implement an improved defense acquisition resource making and decision making system.