General Information

General Information


NPS is located in Monterey, CA, a 2½ hour drive south from San Francisco.  Driving directions can be found here.

The International Graduate Programs Office (IGPO) is located aboard NPS, in Herrmann Hall, Bldg 220, Basement Floor, Room B-047.  The office can be reached by dialing 831-656-2186.

Student Arrival/Departure Info 

The preferred airport for arriving and departing travel is the Monterey Regional Airport.  Located about 3 miles from NPS, the airport is served by several flights daily to/from San Francisco International and Los Angeles International Airports.  Students terminating their flights in either San Francisco or Los Angeles will be responsible for arranging their own transportation to Monterey.

The IGPO will coordinate pickup of arriving students at Monterey Airport if we receive notification of ETA and carrier.  If unable, commercial taxi service is readily available from the airport to the school  (5 minutes) or to your temporary lodging location.

Getting Around Town

No military transportation is available; local public transportation is limited.  Recommend bring adequate funds to purchase used car.


There is no full-service military messing facility at NPS.  Continental breakfast, lunch and dinner are available at the El Prado Dining Room located in Herrmann Hall (co-located with the Navy Gateway Inns & Suites).


“Sunny California” is not a true description of this part of the state.  Throughout the year, daytime temperatures vary.  The rainy season usually goes from December through March.  Average rainfall is approximately 20 inches (50.8 cm); however, summers are generally damp and foggy.  But even at night, winter temperatures rarely reach freezing.  With very rare exceptions, the days are never hot (over 65 to 70 F or -15 to 21 C) .  Nighttime temperatures range from about 40 to 60 F.  

Annual mean temperature is 40  to 60 degrees Fahrenheit or 4.4 to 15.5 degrees Celsius.


Men:  Uniforms are worn once a week (Tuesday) and for graduation.  It is recommended that you have at least one winter and one summer uniform.  The normal uniform of the day for class is casual business dress (collared shirts and slacks).  Slacks, sports jackets, and sweaters are fine for practically any occasion.

Women:   Slacks and pantsuits are warm, comfortable, and practical throughout the year.  Of course, bring clothing that is considered appropriate for an occasional evening of entertainment.  A lightweight coat with a removable lining is very good for warmth throughout the year for both men and women.  

Children:   Shirts, undershirts and slacks (for boys); dresses, blouses, and slacks (for girls); and socks, sweaters, a coat with removable lining and a raincoat for both boys and girls.

All the clothes you may need can be purchased locally.

Native Costumes, if you have them, can be worn for International Day and other special occasions.

Field Studies Program (FSP)

The Field Studies Program (FSP) is sponsored by the United States Government and is designed to familiarize international students with American society, institutions, history, and goals. It is funded from international tuition and includes numerous local and regional trips. Local events include the Monterey County Fair, the Salinas Air Show, and the Monterey Aquarium.  View more about the FSP here

International Executive Committee

The International Executive Committee (IEC) is a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of promoting good relationships between the U.S. and the international students and their families, assisting with adaptation to American life and supporting international students and their families when needed and where possible. All international students attending the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), their spouses and the sponsors of international students and their spouses are considered members of the NPS-IC.   Visit the IEC facebook page here

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