General Information 

Medical Facilities in Monterey are extremely limited and all students coming to NPS should be thoroughly aware of what is and is not available - particularly when considering medical options for family members.

There is no full-service military hospital on the Monterey Peninsula.  The nearest full service military treatment facility (MTF) is located at Travis AFB (outside Sacramento, approximately 3 ½ hours driving time).  This is especially critical when dealing with pregnancy related treatment (particularly baby delivery).  

The only available military facility in Monterey is the Presidio of Monterey Army Health Clinic (POMAHC) with emphasis on the word - clinic!  All active duty military are required to seek assistance at the clinic before going to a civilian doctor unless it is an immediate or life threatening emergency.  The clinic will provide a referral to a civilian facility if treatment is beyond the capabilities of the clinic.  

The clinic does not provide appointments for family members.  This means that international officers with families will be required to use civilian facilities, especially for emergency treatment and also for routine care.  This also includes students from countries who have reciprocal medical agreements with the U.S.


Medical Care for Civilian Students 

The Army Health Clinic at DLI is NO LONGER seeing civilian students. Civilian students will need to seek medical treatment with a civilian physician. It is recommended that unless it is an emergency involving broken limbs, irregular heartbeat or breathing, etc. that they first seek treatment from Doctor’s on Duty or another Urgent Care Facility. For emergencies as noted above, or for treatment after hours, the student would go to the nearest Emergency Room (Community Hospital of Monterey Peninsula (CHOMP). Your ITO should have the mailing address for your bills; if it does not, please stop by the office so we can amend the ITO to include that information. The treating physician/facility may or may not bill the responsible agency directly. If after receiving treatment, you receive the medical bills, please bring them to the office so we can forward them for payment. If you pay for any treatment and/or prescriptions yourself, you will need to bring your receipts to the office and fill out a claim for reimbursement from which we will submit so you can be reimbursed.  

International Military Student Procedures  

International Military Students are eligible and required to use the POMAHC for their health needs and must schedule appointments for all routine and urgent health care needs unless referred to a civilian facility by a military doctor at the POMAHC.  All non-emergency after-hour care must be coordinated with the on-call duty doctor by dialing (866) 772-9939 (pager). For emergency care (threat to life, limb, eyesight), members should go to the closest available Emergency Room, which for the Monterey Peninsula is the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula (CHOMP) or dial 911.  Please note that health coverage for international students is based upon agreements between the United States Government and their home country.  Billing procedures may vary from country to country, particularly for referrals to civilian doctors.  For more information, please contact Elodie Higgins, Health Benefits Advisor at POMAHC, (831) 242-7566.

International Military Family Member Procedures  

International Student Family Members have limited military options and should plan on obtaining most of their medical services through civilian providers for which they are financially responsible and must have all medical costs covered by the FMS Case, Foreign Government or individual medical insurance policies.


In accordance with DSCA Policy Memorandum 11-32, International Military Students, Civilians, and Authorized Dependents Healthcare Coverage, DSCA Policy Memorandum, dated 15 Aug 2011, international students who’s dependent medical costs are not covered by their government or the FMS Case, need to provide proof of dependent medical insurance to the Security Cooperation Office at the US Embassy in their country before their dependents can be authorized on their ITO.  Upon arrival at NPS, the student will be required to provide a copy of their insurance policy.  The policy needs to be in effect for the duration of their stay at NPS, and must meet the requirements as listed in the paragraphs below.    

Minimum requirements for medical insurance
  • Medical benefits of at least $400,000 per year, per person.  Duration of policy must be for minimum of one year or remainder of time left at NPS, whichever is less.
  • Annual deductible not to exceed $1,000 per family.
  • Students with accompanying spouses (or female students) must also have pregnancy insurance (in addition to basic medical insurance policy) if planning to get pregnant while in Monterey.
  • Repatriation of remains in the amount of $50,000 per person, should a death occur in the US.    Note:  this would provide for the preparation and transportation of remains to home country.
  • Medical evacuation in the amount of $250,000 per person in the event insured must be returned to his/her home country due to a serious medical condition.
  • Policies must be payable in us dollars at amounts specified in current DSCA policy and not foreign currency that, due to exchange rates, could be in lesser amounts when converted into dollars.
  • Insurance must pay benefits to a department of defense medical facility if appropriate.
  • Health insurance policy must be in English and be recognized as an international company and have a POC in the United States.
  • Because of the new higher cost medical policies now in effect, NPS requested and received a waiver for the requirement for dependent pregnancy coverage (Dec 2010).  This means that you do not have to have pregnancy insurance for your wife, while you are attending NPS if you are not planning to have a baby.
  • However, the waiver comes with the stipulation that if your wife becomes pregnant and does not have coverage as required by the US Dept of Defense Regulations, she will be directed to return home immediately.  Failure to notify the IGPO of impending pregnancy as soon as you become aware will result in disenrollment.
  • If you are planning to have a baby, and all costs associated with pregnancy are not covered by your government (as indicated on your ITO) you need to secure pregnancy insurance prior to your wife getting pregnant.  You will not be able to secure pregnancy insurance once your wife becomes pregnant. 

Pregnancy insurance requirements are as follows:

  • Pregnancy insurance must include coverage of pre and post natal care, as well as delivery, of at least $250,000 (this is in addition to the $400,000 minimum coverage for basic medical insurance).
  • If medical costs are paid by your country, country will be notified of impending pregnancy through official channels.
  • If a spouse becomes pregnant while at NPS, the student will notify the international programs office immediately.  If medical costs are paid by the country, country will be notified of pregnancy.
  • Unless ITO specifically states foreign government or FMS case will pay all costs related to that pregnancy and delivery, spouses who are pregnant prior to departure for Monterey must present proof of complete pregnancy coverage prior to being authorized as an accompanying dependent on the ITO.  
  • International students and their dependents while attending NPS are not authorized to participate in US federal or state medical/dental programs (this includes, but is not limited to:   AIM, Medicaid, MediCal and other Federal/State programs).

If you are required to provide health insurance for your family members, we would recommend you look into Sunrise Worldwide Protector Extended Term Medical Coverage or Atlas America.  Both of these plans meet the above requirements EXCEPT for pregnancy.  Each plan is different though, so it is important to compare them and find the one that best meets your needs.  Just because a plan is less expensive, doesn’t mean it’s the better deal if it doesn’t provide the coverage that you need.    You can access this policy by going to:


Blue Shield of California is one of the very few companies that offer affordable pregnancy insurance that meets the requirements for international students in attendance at NPS.   The following link will get you to a site that contains the coverage used by most of our students:

Please note – we are not endorsing the agents at these links; they are just an option.  As of February 11, there are four policies that meet the pregnancy insurance requirements:  

  • Lumenos 5000 HSA w/maternity,
  • PPO Share 3500
  • PPO Share 5000
  • PPO Share 7500
  • (the number in the title is also the deductible amount; the higher the deductible, the lower the monthly premium)
  • The $1,000 maximum deductible per family does NOT apply to the pregnancy policy.).   

Civilian Medical Services

Listed below are the recommended civilian hospitals in the Monterey Area:

Listed below are the Urgent Care facilities available in Monterey:

  • Doctors on Duty – no appointments needed
    501 Lighthouse Ave, Monterey, 649-0770 (Mon-Fri 0800-2000 / Sat & Sun 0800-1800)
    1513 Fremont St, Seaside, 899-1910 (Mon-Fri 0800-1800 Sat 0800-1500)
    Average office visit $187-$337 depending on service
  • Monterey Bay Urgent Care
    245 Washington St. Monterey, 372-2273 (press 0 to speak to the receptionist)
    (Mon-Fri 0730-1800 & Sat/Sun 0900-1700)
    Average office visit $100 and up