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Institutional Research

The mission of Institutional Research (IR) is to increase University effectiveness by providing and promoting information to enhance understanding of the institution. In fulfilling this mission, IR supports assessment, policy formation, and decision making through its major functions:

  •     Collect and preserve data, working with other campus offices to ensure data reliability and consistency;
  •     Analyze, and interpret institutional and higher education data including benchmarking with peer institutions;
  •     Develop systems, methodologies and tools for effective analysis;
  •     Develop print and web-based informational resources with a schedule of periodical institutional analyses, surveys, and statistical and narrative reports;
  •     Design and produce routine and ad hoc reports for internal constituencies, federal and other external agencies;
  •     Disseminate analyses and reports in a timely and effective manner;
  •     Support assessment and accreditation processes by assisting academic areas in developing measures of educational effectiveness and improvement; by providing support in research and survey design and by coordinating accreditation reporting.



  •     Strategic Planning Support
  •     Institutional Planning Metrics
  •     Accreditation Support
  •     Ad hoc data reports and analysis
  •     Survey design support for students, faculty and staff
  •     Survey design, administration, and reporting for NPS
  •     Survey administration assistance