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9th Annual Information Operations & Electronic Warfare Symposium

Date: October 20, 2020 to October 23, 2020

October 20-23, 2020 | Honolulu, HI |Camp H.M. Smith, HI

 The theme for the 2020 IO/EW Symposium, “All Domain Operations from Competition into
Conflict,” will focus on how IO and EW contribute to all-domain warfighting challenges, as well
as their contributions to achieving a Free and Open Indo-Pacific during competition. This year’s
theme builds on the work of the 6th Annual Symposium in 2017, which focused on the Army’s
Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) Concept. The Army’s now well-established MDO Concept
focuses on optimizing the land force contribution to a Joint fight in multiple domains, and
provides a strong foundation for the development of a Joint All-Domain Operations Concept,
both of which are intended to be employed across the spectrum of operations from
competition to conflict. The 2020 theme also benefits from the presentations and work
accomplished at the 7th Annual Symposium in 2018, focused on the roles of IO and EW in
overcoming A2/AD challenges, which are a driver for the development of an All-Domain
Operations (ADO) concept.

 All-Domain Operations is the latest refinement of an evolving body of thinking focused on
improving C2 and situational awareness to optimize the employment of current and future
military capabilities against the enemy in all domains, the electro-magnetic spectrum (EMS)
and the Information Environment (IE). U.S. Joint doctrine explains that the U.S. military
conducts operations in the named operational domains as well as the information


This important AOC event, now in its 9th year, will be delivered on-line and via secure video tele-conference in response to the current restrictions on travel to Hawaii during the global COVID-19 pandemic (namely the 14-day quarantine).

A positive aspect to this change of venue, is that it will allow those who would not otherwise have a chance to travel and participate to join in the discussion.  If you did not previously consider on delivering a presentation, the call for papers and presentations deadline was extended to 21 August.

The symposium will now start on Monday October 19th with three days of UNCLASSIFIED presentations, panels, and speakers delivered via the Federal Business Council (FBC) On-line Events platform.  Classified presentations follow on October 22 and 23, and will be delivered via DoD secure Video-Teleconference.  Detailed instructions for DoD and invited Ally and partner militaries for SECRET REL FVEY, FRA, JPN discussions will be published via official message from HQ U.S. Indo-Pacific Command Director of Operations, J3.  

The revised agenda for will be published on the symposium webpage at: https://www.fbcinc.com/e/aocpacific/

Registration is required for the Symposium.  Once registered for the overall symposium participants can then choose the plenary sessions and separate presentations they wish to attend after the agenda is published.  Registered symposium participants will need to register for each of the three UNCLAS plenary sessions, and also for individual presentations conducted before and after the plenary sessions that will run from 1100 – 1400 Hawaii Standard Time.   

Once registered to attend a specific panel, presentation, or plenary session, further instructions will be at the symposium website and via direct e-mails from FBC Events for participants to remotely join the virtual platform.  The registration page is found on the symposium website. For registration questions, please e-mail Michael O'Neill at mike@fbcinc.com

For the classified sessions, participating military commands, DoD PME institutions, academia, Industry, and Allies and partners will follow the instructions of the pending message from Indo-Pacific Command J3 on how to be connected to the Towers Conference room on 22 and 23 October over U.S. DoD networks.

Please contact the Symposium Chair, Dr. Arthur Tulak, COL USA, Ret., via e-mail at Arthur.N.Tulak.ctr@pacom.mil for more information. 

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