Tokyo Japan 
1 - 2 December 2015

The Complex Littoral

OpTech East Presentations

OpTech East Presentations

The Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative
Zack Cooper


Cooperative engagement capability: Anti-ship missiles
Erik Berglund, Research Director, Division of Information and Aerosystems


Littoral Operations Center Overview
Dr. Wayne Porter, Naval Postgraduate School


The Formative Power of International Military Engagement In Academics and Research
VADM Izuru Fukumoto (Ret.), Director, Tokyo Research Institute


Assessing Technologies using Campaign Analysis and War Gaming: The Warfare Innovation Continuum at NPS
Professor of Practice Jeff Kline, USN (ret) Operations Research Captain, Naval Postgraduate School


Littoral Operations Center, OPTECH – East


Naval Science & Technology in the Asia-Pacific
Dr. Chris Bassler, Director, Naval S&T Cooperation Program, Office of Naval Research Global


Hybrid Mesh Networking for Distributed Operations
LT M.S. Maupin, USN
Cenetix and LOC, Naval Postgraduate School


MDA in the Littorals – Where Does it Work, and Why? (slides) (notes)
John Mittleman, Naval Research Laboratory


Littoral Ops


Networks and Unmanned Systems: What Can We Learn About Networking in Littorals From the Recent MIO Experimentation Lessons?
Dr. Alex Bordetsky, Professor, IS/SSAG
MIO WMD-ISR and Littoral Operations Experiments, Center for Network Innovation and Experimentation (CENETIX)


Impacts of Coral Reefs in Amphibious Operations (slides) (notes)
MG JGSDF (ret.) Nozomu Yoshitomi Professor, Nihon University


Acquisition, Technology & Logistics Agency (ATLA)--A New Equipment Acquisition Organization
Tateo Yamaoka, Ph.D, Director, Technology Strategy Division, Department of Technology Strategy, Acquisition, Technology & Logistics Agency


Coastal Surveillance—India
Anup Singh


The Power to Distribute, Adapt, and Prevail
J. Scott Shipman


Offshore Control: A Military Strategy for an Unlikely Conflict
Dr. T. X. Hammes, Institute for National Strategic Studies, National Defense University


Projection of offensive power Maritime Warfare Center
Ronald L. Poetiray, Royal Netherlands Navy


The littoral environment and product development
Patrik Selling, BAE Systems


Technologies For Littoral Operations, Underwater Warfare and Stealth Above the Surface
Dr. Roger Berg, Head of Technology Management Saab Kockums, Sweden