Meyer Institute - Crossbow

2001 Project Crossbow

Project CROSSBOW was the inaugural integrated student project. The project was designed to determine the technical feasibility and operational worth of CORSAIR - a small high-speed aircraft carrier concept. Students from Systems Engineering and Integration (SEI) (SEI was an earlier version of the current SEA curriculum), Total Ship Systems Engineering, Aircraft Design, Graduate School of Business and Public Policy, Operations Research, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Meteorology and Oceanography participated, including officers from Singapore, Turkey, and Greece.

The students developed the concept and designed a force for combat in the littorals. The designs included an unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV), a high speed ship that supported a UCAV air wing, UAV ISRT aircraft, small fast fighting ships, a new, very fast, automated carrier built from the keel up to support UAVs, a command and control network, a logistical support system, and several new weapon systems such as a Free Electron Laser for point defense. They developed and tested the operational concept through campaign analysis. Other student groups on campus designed the separate components of the total system to the SEI specifications, and then SEI reassembled the total system and ensured its integration. Issues of effectiveness, cost, compatibility, and technical feasibility were considered.
Project Crossbow Documents: