NRWG18 Event Descriptions

NRWG18 Detailed Event Descriptions

Topic Sponsor Synch Session: The Naval Research Working Group (NRWG) kicks off with the Topic Sponsor Sync Session. At this meeting, the Naval Research Program (NRP) staff will give an overview of the week's events, ensuring that sponsors know where they need to be and what they need to accomplish throughout the working group. There will also be a review of the expected output for the week, and questions will be answered. The primary purpose of the Sync Session is to ensure that sponsors are prepared for a successful week at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS).

NPS Lab Tours:

NPS Lab tours are an opportunity for Topic Sponsors to gain a more in depth understanding of the specific research lab capabilities at NPS. Sponsors should be prepared for a 25-55 minutes tour length. The NRP will be hosting NPS Lab Tours on the 10th and 12th of April. When Topic Sponsors register for NRWG 18 they will be asked to select one attendee registration type and to select multiple lab tours to create a schedule of tours that you would like to attend. Please carefully review the schedule of tours and select those that you would like to attend. 

Social and Research Poster Session: Building on information gathered during the lab tours, the social and poster session is primarily an opportunity for our many Topic Sponsors to get a better idea of the breadth and depth of the research taking place at the Naval Postgraduate School. Our world-class faculty study the cutting-edge developments of operational Navies across the globe. Their research extends the reach of today's Naval services, whether underwater, on the surface, in the air, or orbiting the earth. Come see their research projects, ask them to share their expertise, and enjoy the informal social. The NPS Foundation has generously agreed to provide food for the event, and bartenders will be standing by. Many of the posters displayed at NRWG 16-1 and NRWG 17 can be seen on the NRP Welcome page.

Poster Session Participation: All NPS faculty and student research projects, NRP funded or otherwise, are encouraged to participate as this effort is intended to help educate Topic Sponsors as to the many facets of NPS research capabilities. Participants will "staff" their posters at the social 1630-1930 on 10 April. 


In order to participate we ask that:

  1. you complete the NRWG 18 Poster Session Presenter sign up form ASAP.
  2. the poster be staffed (yourself, another researcher and/or student) for at least the first two hours of the poster session to discuss your topics with attending topic sponsors. We recommend a staffing rotation for the three hour time period, if possible and desired.
  3. poster submissions that require printing, be submitted to the NRP using either the NRP poster template (required for all NRP specific projects) or one of the general NPS approved poster templates. Slide size must be 24x36, and it is recommended that you use high quality vector images. (Prior to sending your poster slide to the NRP, please ensure that you review your poster slide at 100% Zoom to verify the print quality of your poster images) The NRP will print the posters mounted on foam core, and they will be displayed on NRP provided easels.

Please submit your poster to NLT March 12, 2018.

Sooner is better!! Space is limited.

Research Trade show: Topic Sponsor Representatives will be assigned a trade show style booth in the NPS McNitt Ballroom where they will be able to discuss research opportunities, the benefit(s) to the Services, and expected deliverables from the research with NPS faculty and students. NPS faculty and students are invited to meet with sponsors during the tradeshow to discuss topics and begin scoping research to form an Initial Research Estimate Form (IREF)
Booths are limited. If more than one Topic Sponsor will be attending from your organization, ONLY one designated organization representative should register for a booth. All others attending from the same organization should register under "Topic Sponsor Attendee Registration."

Booth Details: The booths are 8 x 10 ft, 8' high back wall drape 3' high side rail drape, (1) 6 foot draped table (all drapes are in Navy and Gold), (2) side chairs, (1) waste basket, (1) 500 watt 110V electrical and a back of booth 24" x 48" Color Identification Sign with your organization's name printed on it. Welcome packet with program, campus maps, etc., paper, pencils/pens and sign-in sheet. You can bring marketing materials if you like but you are not required to do so. We are not intending to print copies of all of the topics but can supply you with the topic info in .csv (includes all info) and/or .ppt (includes partial info) form for you to use as you desire, e.g. print or display on your laptop. There will be a floor plan published in advance. There will be guest wi-fi available. You are welcome to bring a government laptop and/or personal laptop or device (e.g, tablets, cell phones, etc).

Revolving Panels: During the Revolving Panel Sessions, a designated orgazational Topic Sponsor representative (generally those that register under "Topic Sponsor Representative Booth & Attendee Registration") will have an assigned window (approx 25 minutes) to brief their topics in a small audience format. The intent is to provide NPS faculty and students with a greater in-depth discussion of topic details.

Revolving Panel Presenter Details:  Topic slides generated on the NRP Topic Portal will be available for download and use by presenters. Alternately, presenters may choose to use their own presentation slide deck. If a presenter prefers to use their own slides please send them to the NRP at NLT April 2, 2018. Presenters are also requested to bring their presentation slides on disc.

Breakout Sessions: Breakout sessions provide settings where individual faculty or students can meet with topic sponsors to discuss topic requirements, begin writing IREFs, or stage IPRs of existing research. The ability to initiate topic dialogue is essential for understanding the challenges that organizations face and developing useful proposals to address them. Session attendees are encouraged to sign up for a one-on-one session with the topic sponsors to learn more about the problem, or even provide an initial solution if the researcher is already working on a similar problem.

In-progress Reviews (IPRs): Faculty members and students currently conducting research for sponsors who are in attendance during NRWG 18 should coordinate In-progress Reviews in laboratories and other relevant working spaces as they see fit. 

Topic Sponsor Out-briefs and Hotwash: Research Topic Sponsor Out-briefs provide a formal opportunity for sponsors to give feedback of metric outcomes of the event to the NPS Dean of Research. The Hotwash is an informal discussion of the events suggestions for improvements.

No-host Social: Join us on Thursday afternoon in the wildly popular Trident Room where the friendly staff will pour you the coldest beer and serve you the hottest, saltiest popcorn known to man! This event is worth the price of admission!

Lunch (on your own): There is a daily schedule lunch break. However, you are free to plan your lunch as best fits your agenda.

On-Campus -

  • El Prado Dining Room
  • Cafe Del Monte
  • Starbucks

Off-campus (walk or short drive) - Some options allow you to walk out the 5th St turnstile gate, but if you do not have NPS turnstile access you will need to return via the Sloat Gate.

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