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As per current Covid-19 guidance, Naval Research Working Group 20 has shifted to an entirely virtual event format. 

Join US!! --The Naval Research Program (NRP) will host a virtual Naval Research Working Group (NRWG) 20, April 21-23, 2020. This activity is an essential element in the success of the NPS Naval Research Program, as envisioned by the Secretary of the Navy. It serves as a forum for Navy and Marine organizations to communicate, review, validate, and recommend topics for NPS research in FY21. 

This is an excellent annual opportunity for the Navy and Marine Corps to effectively leverage NPS faculty expertise and student operational experience as valuable research assets.

To the extent practicable and constructive, we are facilitating virtual, asynchronous, forms of the Research Trade ShowBreakout SessionEngagement SessionsModerated Panel Sessions,  NPS Lab Tours and the Faculty Research Poster Session.

All Research Sponsors, NPS faculty and students are invited and encouraged to participate.

  Mission - The Naval Research Working Group (NRWG) Meeting is a forum for Research Topic Sponsors to communicate their research and analysis needs directly to NPS faculty and students. In-progress Reviews (IPRs) are also conducted.

 Intent - Provide a single, standard mechanism that allows the Navy and Marine Corps to interface and leverage a cost efficient organic research asset.

 End State - A systematic, repeatable, and enduring partnership to support Navy and Marine Corps research objectives and make NPS research directly relevant to the Warfighter.

 Working Group Input

Topic Sponsor and NPS faculty research needs.

 Working Group Output


Virtual Breakout Sessions: Breakout sessions provide settings where individual faculty or students can meet with Topic Sponsors to discuss topic requirements, begin writing IREFs, or stage IPRs of existing research. The ability to initiate topic dialogue is essential for understanding the challenges that organizations face and developing useful proposals to address them. Individuals manage their own break-out session schedules.

Ways to Connect via the Whova Event App:

  • Say-Hi (Icebreaker In-App Message)
  • Message: Send an In-app Message
  • Message: Create a Private Group Chat
  • Use "Let's Meet" to Request a Meeting
  • Post a Topic of Interest to the Community Board
  • Post a Session Comment


Why choose NPS for your research needs?

Engage at NRWG 20 to see why!

Virtual NPS Lab Tours\Capabilities BriefsNPS Lab tours are primarily an opportunity for Topic Sponsors to gain a more in depth understanding of the specific research capabilities at NPS. 

Virtual Moderated Panels (MP): Moderated, 55-minute panel sessions for Topic Sponsors, faculty, and/or students to discuss key institutional priorities. Each session will begin with a 2-3 minute self-introduction of each panelist and his/her work followed by moderated discussion. Panel sessions will be recorded and posted to the NRP website. Panel discussion will stimulate cross disciplinary interactions and collaboration within NPS and among Topic Sponsors. 

Virtual Engagement Sessions: Topic Sponsors, Faculty and/or students will have 25-55 minutes to discuss his/her proposed research topics or current/past research, in a small audience format. 

Virtual Research Poster Session: The poster session is primarily an opportunity for our many Topic Sponsors to get a better idea of the breadth and depth of the research taking place at the Naval Postgraduate School. Our world-class faculty study the cutting-edge developments of operational navies across the globe. Their research extends the reach of today's naval services, whether underwater, on the surface, in the air, or orbiting the earth.







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AUTHENTICATED RESOURCES - Requires CAC Authentication:

  • NRWG 20 Research Topics Slides - (Slides can be exported using the export to PowerPoint feature found on the Topic List action bar.)
  • NRWG 20 Registered Attendee List - See list in the Whova App

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Relevant information will be added and linked as available.