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Naval Research Working Group (NRWG) 21 | April 20-22, 2021   Follow @NPS_NRP on Twitter
NRWG21 Event Descriptions

NRWG 21 Detailed Event Descriptions 

Virtual Topic Sponsor Sync Session: The Naval Research Working Group (NRWG) kicks off with the Topic Sponsor Sync Session. At this meeting, the Naval Research Program (NRP) staff will give an overview of the week's events, ensuring that sponsors know where they need to be and what they need to accomplish throughout the working group. There will also be a review of the expected output for the week, and questions will be answered. The primary purpose of the Sync Session is to ensure that sponsors are prepared for a successful week at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS). All Topic Sponsors are requested to attend.

Virtual NPS Lab Tours & Capabilities BriefsNPS Lab Tours and Capabilities Briefs are primarily an opportunity for Topic Sponsors as well as new NPS faculty and students to gain a more in depth understanding of the specific research capabilities at NPS. 
--Tours/briefs may be synchronous or asynchronous. Most synchronous sessions will be recorded for on-demand asynchronous viewing.

Virtual Moderated Panels (MP): Moderated, 55-minute panel sessions for Topic Sponsors, faculty, and/or students to discuss key institutional priorities. Panel discussion will stimulate cross disciplinary interactions and collaboration within NPS and among Topic Sponsors. 
Panel sessions will be synchronous and will be recorded for on-demand asynchronous viewing.

Virtual Engagement Sessions: Topic Sponsors, Faculty and/or students will have 25-55 minutes to present\brief their proposed research topics or current/past research. You are encouraged to schedule Virtual Breakout Sessions, following engagement sessions, to discuss topics and begin scoping research to form an Initial Research Estimate Form (IREF)
--Tours/briefs may be synchronous or asynchronous. Most synchronous sessions will be recorded for on-demand asynchronous viewing.

Virtual Social and Research Poster Session: Building on information gathered during the lab tours, the social and poster session is primarily an opportunity for our many Topic Sponsors to get a better idea of the breadth and depth of the research taking place at the Naval Postgraduate School. Our world-class faculty study the cutting-edge developments of operational Navies across the globe. Their research extends the reach of today's naval services, whether underwater, on the surface, in the air, or orbiting the earth.
--Attendees can engage with poster presenters via the Whova App. Posters will be displayed in a virtual gallery similar to the NRWG 20 Research Poster Gallery. A live virtual Social and Research Poster Session is also intended to be scheduled for the afternoon of April 20th to allow participants to engage with poster presenters synchronously. More detail to follow. 

Virtual Breakout Sessions: Breakout sessions provide settings where individual faculty or students can meet with Topic Sponsors to discuss topic requirements, begin writing IREFs, or stage IPRs of existing research. The ability to initiate topic dialogue is essential for understanding the challenges that organizations face and developing useful proposals to address them. Faculty and students are encouraged to schedule virtual sessions with Topic Sponsors to learn more about the problem, or even provide an initial solution if the researcher is already working on a similar problem. Likewise, Topic Sponsors are encouraged to reach out to faculty and students to discuss research needs. Attendees manage their own break-out session schedules.

Virtual In-progress Reviews (IPRs): Faculty members and students currently conducting research for sponsors who are in attending NRWG 21 should coordinate In-progress Reviews via Meeting Scheduler "Let's Meet" in the Whova Event App and meet via Zoom or any other relevant virtual working spaces as they see fit. (Reminder: Quarterly IPRs with the topic customer are required. You may complete/conduct the IPR in the forum of your preference (i.e. in-person, tele-conference, etc.).  The communication details (report, PowerPoint slides, etc.) should be sent quarterly to the NRP Program Office,

Virtual Topic Sponsor Out-briefs and Hotwash: Research Topic Sponsor Out-briefs provide a formal opportunity for sponsors to give feedback of metric outcomes of the event to the NPS Dean of Research. The Hotwash is an informal discussion of the events suggestions for improvements. All Topic Sponsors are requested to attend.

Session Tracks

Whova’s multitrack agenda helps attendees find their way through the agenda by marking the various conference tracks with colorful tags. A track filtering feature lets an attendee easily pinpoint sessions of interest. Just select a track — or a combination of tracks — to refine your view of the agenda.

Each session on the Agenda will be associated with at least two Tracks. Each track will be color tagged and identify either the primary session type or the delivery format. e.g. LIVE | Lab Tour.

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